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Mountain Bike Radio is a network of mountain biking podcasts and online radio shows, based at the edge of the Colorado Rocky Mountain Foothills, that is the place for all mountain bike talk. We discuss racing, current events, and anything in the mountain biking world. From the average joe to the top pro and from short track to multiday adventures, we aim to bring the world of mountain biking to you.


It's mountain bike talk from mountain bikers, for mountain bikers!


The Faces of MBR

The people of MBR who keep the voice of mountain biking alive.

Ben Welnak - Creator, Owner, CEO, and Guy with the Wisconsin Accent

I created Mountain Bike Radio out of feedback that we got from all the XXC Magazine Podcasts. There wasn't anything out there that was talking all mountain biking whenever they can. My goal is to create an all-encompassing network of mountain biking talk that shares information across all levels, helps individuals and companies promote their brands, and provides a central, organized hub for fans to rely on.


My beautiful wife, Amy, and newborn son, Clae, are very supportive and hear about bikes way more than any normal family. I'm able to bring a unique perspective to interviews, even though my delivery and voice aren't exactly professional yet. Being based in the Front Range of Colorado constantly stokes the fire for mountain biking!


In addition to MBR, as an owner in 303Cycling.com and 303Triathlon.com, as well as a contributor to XXC Magazine , I have a good viewpoint of the cycling industry. The experience, added together with my previous life as a public accountant, gives me the ability to work well with a wide range of people. I'm also trying to move my way up in the racing world. I have a good bit of experience racing all distances, including 24 hour solos, 12 hour solos, 100 miles, 50 milers, XC distance, and everything in between. My focus over the last year has been to race with the pro level guys, which I've done (not at the front of the pack, but mixing it up with the rest).


I hope that my passion for mountain biking comes across and I'm able to share as much as I can within the mountain bike community.


I appreciate constructive criticism and am thrilled with all of the support and feedback I've received so far in getting this project off of the ground. I look forward to the future of MBR!

Drew Edsall - Host and Creator of "The Dirt with Drew Edsall"

Drew Edsall is a USAC cycling coach with Endurance Factor LLC. With a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Sciences from Gettysburg College and 8 years of coaching experience, Drew has helped clients get to the podium over 150 times in just the last two years alone.


Drew is not only a coach, he is also a very experienced and successful rider.

In 2012 he joined forces with the Kenda/Felt Professional Mountain Bike team. Drew quickly established a presence on the team with wins in the True Grit 50, Syllamos Revenge NUE, and Tatanka 100 mountain bike races.


On “The Dirt with Drew Edsall", Drew will be discussing training, nutrition, equipment choice, racing, and other mountain bike related topics. Drew will be joined by other professional mountain bikers, as well as others throughout the mountain biking community as he brings the latest and greatest mountain biking info to you every month.

The "Just Riding Along" Crew


Andrea Wilson


Andrea has ridden and raced bikes since 2006. Before that, she had been everything from professional horse trainer to desk jockey to college teacher.


When she rode her first mountain bike in 2009, she was immediately addicted. Over the past two years, Andrea has worked as a mechanic in a local shop and raced extensively across the US in off-road endurance events. You can check
out more information about her over at her blog at http://blog.brickhouseracing.com



FullFace Kenny


My name is Kenny.  I used to work in the corporate world, but now I work at a bike shop in Memphis, Tennesse.  I ride and race as much as possible. 


This season I will be concentrating on the marathon side of mountain biking.
I'll be doing mostly 50 mile "baby" races.  I wear a fullface helmet because I like to smash my face into things.


Pool Boy Matt


I am Matt McCulley. I got my start into bike racing with BMX at the
wee age of 9 years young (1998). I raced BMX until the age of 16-17
and stopped mainly because most of my friends weren't making great
life choices. When I started college I got a sweet used road bike (a
huge terd, nicely polished) for $400. I went to another shop to buy
some tires for it because I kept getting flat tires and they had a
help wanted sign. The rest is pretty much great from there.


I continued with college, gained a degree in English and Philosophy, and
decided to continue my quest for the perfectly adjusted rear
derailleur. Now it is 2012, I am 24 years old, and I am well versed in
most road, cyclocross, and cross-country mountain bike technology. I
never gave up my love of BMX and it shows when I jumo things on my
rigid 29er, ride wheelies on my road bike, or hop barriers on the
'cross bike.

I may have just started a new career in the corporate world in order
to explore a new career path but I feel that I am just getting started
when it comes to my journey of exploring what type of fun I can have
with a bicycle. I have found over the last few years that the cycling
community is extremely supportive and has been a great family to help
me succeed. I hope over the coming years to still provide service for
those who are looking for premium care but also find a few more
weekends to ride and race, allowing me to be even more involved in the
cycling community that has done so much for me.

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