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It's been a great first (half) year at Mountain Bike Radio in 2012. To celebrate the year, Shannon Boffeli of, Drew Edsall, and I did a special episode in which we discussed and determined the "Best of 2012" in six categories:

  • Best Male XC Rider - Nino Schurter
  • Best Female XC Rider - Georgia Gould
  • Best Male Endurance Rider - Jeremiah Bishop
  • Best Female Endurance Rider - Amanda Carey
  • Breakout Rider of the Year - Keegan Swenson
  • Top Mountain Bike Product/Gear - Red Bull World Cup coverage

Listen in to hear the discussions on how we came to the top vote.

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Here's how it worked:

We came up with a list of options in each category and left it to the Mountain Bike Radio followers to vote the top three.


We took the top three vote getters and discussed the candidates, taking many factors into consideration and came up with the Mountain Bike Radio Best of 2012.

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  • Omar Ramirez (Sunday, December 23 12 08:32 am EST)

    Great things happend this 2012, Thanks to all you for made it happen.

  • Jeff (Sunday, December 23 12 09:34 am EST)

    +1 for Josh Tostado for best Male Endurance Rider

  • Nate Phelps (Sunday, December 23 12 01:57 pm EST)

    Cyclocross... the original fat bike!

    Happy holidays!

  • Adam Haid (Monday, December 24 12 11:44 am EST)

    +1 for Josh

  • Jeff (Monday, December 24 12 03:45 pm EST)

    Go Cameron

  • Golden Belt (Monday, December 24 12 11:45 pm EST)

    Cam Chambers male endurance rider

  • Jeremy (Wednesday, January 02 13 04:48 pm EST)

    so is this a vote as many times as possible deal?

  • Ben - MBR (Wednesday, January 02 13 10:11 pm EST)

    Jeremy, yes it is. However, we will pick the top 3 of each category and determine the top based on our own arguments. It's clear when some stack the votes - for example, Cameron Chambers has 91 votes? While I recognize that he ripped off an amazing season, there weren't that many people voting in any of the other categories and the traffic analytics indicates a lot of the traffic from the same areas. That said, he'll probably be top 3 anyway.

  • rebecca rusch (Friday, January 04 13 10:46 am EST)

    Best MTB product : SRAM XX1 , revolutionary

  • Donna Ervin (Saturday, January 05 13 10:13 pm EST)

    Go Cam.

  • Jeanie (Wednesday, January 09 13 12:50 pm EST)

    My vote is for Rich Dillen as Best of 2012. Why? Have you ever seen him ride? If you haven't it's because you can't keep up with him, not to mention he's just as good if not better than Jeremiah, Cameron, Drew and many others on the list. Come on... give the prize to Dicky!

  • Glen (Wednesday, January 09 13 04:28 pm EST)

    +1 for Rich Dillon on Endurance rider

  • bitchassniggas (Wednesday, January 09 13 07:17 pm EST)

    +2 for Dicky (Rich Dillon)

  • paul (Wednesday, January 09 13 07:19 pm EST)

    +another for dicky!

  • phil connors (Wednesday, January 09 13 08:27 pm EST)

    Defiantly Rich

  • Oprah Winfrey (Wednesday, January 09 13 08:28 pm EST)


  • BM (Wednesday, January 09 13 08:53 pm EST)

    Brian Matter is an underrated XC racer. Absolutely dominated the WORS on a 26 inch full squish bike.

  • REAL Oprah Winfrey. (Wednesday, January 09 13 08:57 pm EST)

    +1 DICXX1KY for endurance rider.

    BREAKING NEWS: in a plot twist I will admit to PED use and blood doping in my interview with Lance. Also, all audience members will receive free PEDs, "You lift a car! You lift a car! You lift a car!"

  • Bob (Wednesday, January 09 13 09:19 pm EST)

    Surprised XX1 isn't in the 2012 products lineup...but MTBRadio definitely takes the cake.

  • Bob (Wednesday, January 09 13 10:21 pm EST)

    Watch for Macky Franklin in 2013.

  • Richie Trent (Wednesday, January 16 13 12:05 pm EST)

    You guys didn't mention Indiana as having a good quality XC race series. They get 500+ riders coming out every event, with high quality venues (95% singletrack). The races in CO don't bring out near the numbers as D.I.N.O. races.

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