Mythical and Tangible: Tales of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Singletrack - Excerpt 1

"Mythical and Tangible: Tales of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Singletrack chronicles—like this blog has—my ongoing journey to find spiritual and philosophical meaning in outdoor adventure. But mostly, it’s just stories about mountain biking and skiing in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah. I’ve tried to write in the tradition of some my favorite authors—Abbey, Thoreau, Ruess—while developing my own (distinct?) voice. I hope you’ll read the book, and understand a little better afterward why I chase after delusions of grandeur in the beautiful mountains above my home." - Adam Lisonbee


Author, Adam Lisonbee, lives in Utah, along the Wasatch Front Range, and likes to play among them. He has 5 kids and a very patient wife. He loves to write, especially about playing in the mountains.


Adam also maintains a well-written record of his experiences on his website, He shares photos that capture the essence of his experiences of his adventures and crafts his words to help readers feel the emotions that he encounters along the way.


Here is an excerpt from Mythical and Tangible:

Excerpt 1:

Excerpt 1
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Excerpt 2:

Excerpt 2
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“In his lyrical book of essays, Adam Lisonbee sets out to define the paradoxical forces that many of us experience when we venture into the wilderness: Joyful leaps between the mythical and the tangible. “Mythical and Tangible: Tales of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Singletrack,” explores the changing dynamics of spring, summer, fall and winter, and how the seasons shift perspective and shape experiences. This well-crafted book draws the reader in, inviting everyone to join in Lisonbee’s outdoor revolution: ‘Let us imagine more often. Let us embrace delusion and ambition and possibility. Let us believe.’”

~Jill Homer, author of Ghost Trails and Be Brave, Be Strong

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