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Kate's Real Food founder, Kate Schade, and their marketing guru/singletrack crusher, Rachel Reich, join the show to discuss what Kate's is all about. Listen in to hear about the story of how Kate's Real Food came to be, the bars, and what Kate's is all about.


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The bars are fantastic, convenient, and provide quality fuel to keep you on the trail, slopes, or whatever trail you're on.


Currently, there are four flavors, the Grizzly Bar, the Handle Bar, the Stash Bar, and the original Tram Bar, with apparently more on the way this winter.


The Grizzly Bar:


"Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Trail Mix -

The combination of smooth dark chocolate, sweet blossom honey, chewy dried fruit, and creamy peanut butter make the Grizzly Bar an adventure in every bite! With real food packed into this tasty calorie dense bar, you're sure to get the energy you need to push to the top of the mountain or just through the end of the work day. Since taste and quality are our top priorities, you'll get the amazing energy you're looking for without sacraficing taste! Say hello to your new addiction."


The Handle Bar:


"Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond -

Tart cherries, smooth dark chocolate, and crunchy almonds make the Handle Bar an instant favorite among bar connoisseurs! With 260 calories and only 8 ingredients, this bar is loaded with nothing but delicious, real food energy. This bar is sure to do the job of fueling your next adventure, and with a taste that will keep you coming back for more!"


The Stash Bar:


"Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate with Flax & Hemp -
Kate’s Stash Bar is real food at it’s finest. With only 8 simple ingredients, this nutty flavored bar will keep you fueled and satisfied for hours. The natural sugars and protein provide sustained energy, while the amino acids from the hemp seeds help your body utilize it. The flax seeds give you an added boost of omega 3 and antioxidants.  Plus, the taste can’t be beat!"


The Tram Bar:


"Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate Trail Mix -

The original, tried and true recipe, has been tweeked since the early 90′s to come to what it is now…a crunchy, chewy, chocolatey sweet and salty meal, with a new experience in every bite! Packed with real food, the Tram Bar is sure to keep your body fueled and your tastebuds happy as you pursue your passions! Watch out, they're addicting!"

Here's a full description of Kate's Real Food from the website:


"Originating in Jackson Hole, Kate’s Tram Bars were made for big mountain
play, mainly, for maximizing ski time at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. The
organic and all natural bars have rich textures and an amazing flavor mix which
has created addicts far and wide.


A small company, Kate’s is growing quickly!  All it takes is one taste; the
bars speak for themselves, and those words are spreading like western wildfires.
How can an energy bar be this good?


“Kate’s” carries Kate’s philosophy of a good life. Play good, eat good, live
better. We strive to find the perfect balance of work and play in our lives and
support the folks who’ve supported us from the beginning, and along the way.


OUR MISSION: Kate’s exists to provide people with delicious, real food products; grow, promote and support outdoor play; and support sustainable organic farming practices.

  • Real food products: We believe that being outside shouldn’t
    mean settling for a boring food experience. We provide products that are
    portable, delicious and good for you at the same time. We only make bars with real ingredients that energize both body and soul!
  • Grow, Promote and Support Outdoor Play: We are real people.
    Kate’s started in effort to play all day long, because we believe that good play keeps the psyche happy, which in turn keeps our bodies and minds healthy! We like to support folks who also believe in the benefits of outdoor play, and help others to discover it too.
  • Support Sustainable Organic Farming: Good, nutrient rich
    food comes from the earth, and isn’t ruined with pesticides and preservatives. We use organic ingredients and want to ensure we can get these ingredients for years to come by supporting the farmers who share this standard.

We strive to stay true to our mission, continue to grow thoughtfully and responsibly, and enjoy the work we do! Thanks for supporting Kate’s. Now, go play outside with the food that fuels you!"


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