Tim Ek

Vapor Trail sunrise courtesy of Tim Ek



Ever wonder what it's like to travel to the middle of the Rocky Mountains to race 125 miles through some of the best trails and terrain, starting at 10pm?


Tim Ek is back to tell us what it's like to train for and race the Vapor Trail 125!


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"When you finish Trans Iowa, you feel like a Buddhist monk...When you finish the Dirty Kanza, you feel like a rockstar." - Tim Ek during this episode of MBR when asked what the experience is like.


Tim Ek joins MBR to discuss his latest race, the Dirty Kanza 200. Tim lives in Duluth, Minnesota, is a staple in the Midwest endurance scene, and rides with Salsa Cycles on his back and underneath his chamois. 


Tim really enjoys pushing himself to his limits in races such as Trans Iowa, Dirty Kanza, and the WEMS series races. Admittedly, he is a "blue collar racer" through and through. He doesn't try to be the flashiest one out there, but when the going gets tough, you know Tim will be just rolling along.


Tim always does a great sharing his experience on his blog. Check it out here.


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The Dirty Kanza 200 has become the premiere Gravel Grinder in the country.


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