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Kelli Jennings, the founder of Apex Nutrition, brings a wealth of nutrition knowledge and personal experience to Mountain Bike Radio. The show will cover a wide range of daily and training/racing nutrition.


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November 4, 2014


Kelli gives you tips on packing your ride nutrition. Do you ever get annoyed at carrying your nutrition on the bike? Listen in for some thoughts on making it easy.  

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Keep the Weight Off Heading into the Offseason

October 23, 2014


In this episode, Kelli gives five tips to keep the weight off as you transition into the winter season. It's full of valuable information and reminders about keeping your hard-earned figure as the light fades and the holidays approach! And..quitters? What are quitters? 

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Listener Questions

October 11, 2014


In this episode, Kelli runs through topics that have been recommended and asked about recently. She'll share information about cramps, pickle juice, mustard, beets, fueling, carbs, and more. A great show filled with some useful tips.

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5 Ways to Minimize Damage from Endurance Training and Racing

September 10, 2014


Do you do long rides? Are you hitting a wall - tired, sore, and just not feeling your best? Can riding, training, and racing really be harmful? Kelli gives you some great tips that will help you to minimize the damage to your body that endurance sports can cause.

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5 Real Foods for Recovering from Injury

August 16, 2014


Kelli gives you another great episode filled with great tips. In this episode, Kelli shares five real foods that can help aid your recovery from injury. If you've been on the sidelines, itching to get back to 100%, give this show a listen. (These foods can help people who aren't injured too!)

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Strategies for Riding in the Heat

July 27, 2014


It's mid-summer and the heat is on! Have you been struggling to stay cool during your rides? Has the heat been affecting your ride enjoyment or race performance? In this episode, Kelli provides some great tips to help you beat the heat!

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High Altitude Nutrition Tips

July 17, 2014


Have you considered taking a trip to ride in the mountains or are you planning to do a high elevation race such as the Leadville 100? High altitude poses some unique challenges that can be tricky to overcome. Kelli shares some thoughts and tips that can help you enjoy your time in the mountains. She also offers a Leadville 100 specific nutrition guide for only $20.

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What is the Recovery Window?

July 9, 2014


Kelli shares her thoughts and some tips on the recovery window after workouts and rides. She brings her practical approach for everyday athletes. Listen in to learn more about the recovery window, tips on improving your after-ride fueling, and increasing your performance.

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5 Real Foods That Should Be in Every Kitchen

June 18, 2014


In this episode, Kelli shares five real foods that all athletes should stock in their kitchen. These foods are readily available at most food stores, versatile, and easy to eat, so you don't really have an excuse not to eat them. 

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Dirty Kanza 200 and Leadville 100

May 25, 2014


You've spent a considerable amount of time training, dialing in your bike setup, and gathering your gear, but have you considered what you should be eating the week before, the morning before, and during the race? This episode will help.

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Fix Your Fatigue

May 16, 2014


Do you feel like you've just been dragging? Could it be diet or are there other things to worry about before that? Kelli gives you a lot of great info and tips on dealing with and fixing your fatigue. Kelli shares some issues arising from sleep deprivation, dives into some details, gives you some personal experience, and more!

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Getting to Sleep

May 14, 2014


Are you a really busy person? Do you find yourself getting in late from your workout hungry, then eating, and finding it hard to fall asleep? Can't find that balance? Kelli shares her thoughts about what you can do to get that important workout in at night and get to sleep.

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Paleo, Feed Zone, and Apex Nutrition

May 5, 2014


In this episode Kelli discusses paleo diets, the Feed Zone Cookbook, and how those fit in with what she recommends and what works for a lot of her clients. Listen in if you've been thinking you need to improve your eating.

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Kelli Helps You Stay Fueled

March 31, 2014


In this episode of The Apex Nutrition Podcast, Kelli Jennings, shares some quick thoughts on what can help you get through rides or races in lap-style scenarios, with real food options too.

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Scott Thigpen Discusses the Tour Divide

March 13, 2014


This is an episode that has unfortunately been buried in the archives - never released until now! It is fantastic discussion between Tour Divide finisher, Scott Thigpen, and his nutrition coach and The Apex Nutrition Podcast host, Kelli Jennings about Scott's divide trip in the summer of 2013.

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3 Strategies for Training and Race Nutrition

March 1, 2014


Do you know what you're doing for training and race nutrition? What is the right amount of carbs per hour? Do you get too many or too little carbs? How about liquid? Kelli checks in with three strategies for training and race nutrition.

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What's the deal with Gluten anyway?

February 22, 2014


Kelli is back with a new episode of The Apex Nutrition Podcast. In this episode she helps you navigate the gluten-free world. Listen in for some valuable information that may help you to understand your own needs.


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100 Miler Race Nutrition

November 11, 2013


With the recent release of the 2014 National Ultra Endurance schedule, it's time to start thinking about how you'll approach next season. Did you bonk, cramp, or suffer some poor performances? Looking to improve?


In this episode, Kelli and Ben discuss the nutrition strategy for tackling a 100 mile mountain bike race. It was recorded this summer after Ben's 5th place at the Tatanka 100 in Sturgis, South Dakota and finally released now!


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Losing Fat in the Offseason - Member Only

November 1, 2013


This is a members only episode. If you want to listen to the full episode, become a Mountain Bike Radio member today. Members get access to deals, goodies, and special content.


In this episode, Kelli discusses losing fat in the offseason. Should you skimp or skip on your training/racing nutrition.


Listen to the excerpt here:




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How Much Sodium Do You Need?

October 23, 2013


The word on the street for many years is that all sodium is bad. That's changed recently and people are realizing that sodium is a required piece of everday nutrition and performance nutrition. 


Listen in to find out what you need.



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Recovery through Nutrition

October 11, 2013


Kelli always provides listeners with a ton of great nutrition information. In this episode, she discusses specific recovery through nutrition.


If you're looking to perform better and lose some weight, you have to listen to this.



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10 Regular Food Options

September 7, 2013


This is a member-only episode. Become a member to listen to the full episode.


Kelli is back with a members-only show. She shares her 10 favorite regular food options for training fuel. She brings a lot of real-world experience as a "starving college student" and endurance athlete herself. Listen in to hear what she recommends.


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Kelli graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Dietetics, completed her residency/Dietetics Board Exam to become a Registered Dietician and mains continuing education to maintain her status. After beginning her career at George Washington University Hospital, before moving into private practice to focus on endurance sports nutrition, wellness, disease prevention, and metabolism.



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Protein, Amino Acids, and Training Nutrition

July 5, 2013


Wondering how to jump start your rides during training and racing. How about recovering better. This episode may have your answer.



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Stop the Cramps - Member Only

June 24, 2013


This is a member-only episode. Become a member.


Do you want to avoid cramps? Wondering what may be the best way to keep pushing the pedals without the dreaded twitches and power loss? 400mg of sodium or 750mg - Do you know what you need compared to what you are getting? Listen in to find out.


Kelli Jennings gives members some more great nutrition information!


Listen to a Clip:



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Multi Day Event Nutrition Planning

June 21, 2013


Kelli gives you the nutrition information you need to know if you plan to ride or race multi day events or are planning out a big training block to get ready for an event.


Whether it's a two day charity ride, 18-day tour, or a seven-day stage race, you can improve your experience by just listening in.


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Don't Bonk

June 5, 2013


This is a member-only episode.


Do you want to avoid bonking? Wondering what may be the best way to keep your energy going during your rides?


Kelli Jennings gives you some great help in another informative episode of The Apex Nutrition Podcast.


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5 Nutrition Myths

May 17, 2013


Kelli leads you through another informative episode of the Apex Nutrition Podcast. She debunks some common sports nutrition myths and gives you insider information to help you be your best.



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Three Hot Topics

May 6, 2013


Have you been reading nutrition information lately? There are some new topics floating around. Kelli talks about a few of them.



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Easy Meals

April 10, 2013


If you like to eat, be healthy, perform well, and not gain weight, this episode is for you! Listen in and then check through the links for ideas and recipes from Kelli.



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March 15, 2013


Kelli gives you the basics of supplementation.  She gives you some information to help keep it simple and help you wade through the piles of data, marketing, and fiction and non-fiction.


As always, Kelli brings you her on-the-trail experience and practical approach.

Listen in now!


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Racing Weight

March 8, 2013


This episode is filled with great information about how to get to your racing weight and maintaining it. Kelli provides some essential information that will assist in your weight loss.


Do you want to lose weight? Go faster? Feel better? Listen to this episode!


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Reducing Fatigue

February 27, 2013


Kelli adds another great episode to the Apex Nutrition Podcast. In this show, she shares her tips on fighting fatigue.


It's a must listen episode if you ever find yourself tired or are unsure why your energy levels aren't quite what you think they could be.


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Inflammation Explained

Kelli's Ginger Chews

February 19, 2013


This is a great episode you will need to listen if you are looking to recovery quicker, feel better, perform better, and/or help reduce your stress levels.


Inflammation can have many negative effects if left unchecked. Kelli helps you out. Continue on to listen in, see the show links, and get the full minute-by-minute show outline.



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Fuel for Your Ride

February 12, 2013


This is the first episode of the new Apex Nutrition Podcast with Kelli Jennings.


Have you ever wondered what you should be eating or drinking for a 60 or 90 minute ride? How about a 5 hour ride? Sodium, potassium, magnesium...what are "Lytes?"


Listen in to this week's podcast to hear all about fueling for your ride!


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