5 Real Foods for Recovering from Injury

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August 16, 2014


Kelli gives you another great episode filled with great tips. In this episode, Kelli shares five real foods that can help aid your recovery from injury. If you've been on the sidelines, itching to get back to 100%, give this show a listen. (These foods can help people who aren't injured too!) She also discusses her $20 ebook that gives you 40 pages of more in-depth nutrition to help with injuries.


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About Kelli's $20 Instant Download "Injury Recovery Nutrition Plan:"


"If you’ve been hurt, have an upcoming surgery, or want to know what to do in case of injury, this Apex Nutrition Injury Recovery plan is for you.  You’ll learn what foods, supplements, and strategies can help you recovery better, faster.  It includes full sample meal plans that emphasize specific healing foods, specific details and dosages for supplements, and how to use foods and supplements for pain management.


Want to heal fast and get back on the road/trail? This Apex Nutrition Recovery Plan will help you heal!"


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Buy Kelli's $20 Instant Download "Injury Recovery Nutrition Plan" 

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