Fuel Your Ride

February 12, 2013


Kelli kicks off the Apex Nutrition Podcast with the best options for fuel on the bike. Listen in as Kelli gives you a ton of great information on what to eat and drink for different lengths of times and intensities. Check below to see a full show outline to get you your specific information!


Do you ever wonder what to eat or drink during a daily 60-90 minute training ride after work? How about that endurance race? How about a 5+ hour ride?


Listen in and contact Kelli for all of your performance nutrition needs!


Download: [Podcast]



Be sure to check out all of Kelli's recipes HERE.


Show notes:



Email Kelli

Apex Nutrition Website - Apexnutritionllc.com

Kelli's home brew sports drink - Apexnutritionllc.com

Scratch Labs - Skratchlabs.com

Infinit Nutrition - Infinitnutrition.com

First Endurance - Firstendurance.com

Gatorade Pro - Gatorade.com

Kelli's lemon bars - Apexnutritionll.com

Hammer Nutrition - Hammernutrition.com

Nuun - Nuun.com

Camelbak Elixir - Camelbak.com

Feedzone Book - Feedzonecookbook.com


Show outline:

1:10 - Kelli intros show

1:46 - 60-90 minute ride info

3:19 - Beware of eating quick carbs immediately before start

6:50 - Kelli explains the fueling strategy for 90 minutes.

8:30 - What are Lytes?

9:08 - About 90 minute ride, you NEED to fuel

9:47 - Fluids, Carbs, and Lytes for 90+ min

10:05 - 40-60 grams of carbs

10:50 - How many ounces per hour?

12:25 - Kelli's home brew and she mentions brands

16:15 - How to figure electrolytes

17:45 - Salt is not bad!

19:00 - You peeing a lot? You may not be drinking too much..

20:15 - Potassium considerations

20:45 - 3+ hour ride considerations

22:00 - Magnesium and calcium - do you need?

23:40 - 5+ hour ride - what to change?

24:50 - Kelli's burrito - a good option

25:25 - Risks to real food??

28:00 - Don't listen to your training partner! Some pros use Gatorade!

30:25 - Is there a difference in Gatorade between the powder and the liquid?





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