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July 17, 2014


Have you considered taking a trip to ride in the mountains or are you planning to do a high elevation race such as the Leadville 100? High altitude poses some unique challenges that can be tricky to overcome. Kelli shares some thoughts and tips that can help you enjoy your time in the mountains.


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Leadville 100 Specific Nutrition Guide

Apex Nutrition now offers a specific fueling plan for the Leadville 100 MTB Race!  From taper week to high altitude considerations to the morning of the race, through Kelli's hourly race fueling recommendations to recovery, you’ll find exactly what you should be eating and drinking to give your body the fuel it needs.  For only $20, Kelli has included the following:

  • Specific taper week nutrition recommendations to promote recovery and energy
  • High Altitude Considerations and Strategies to overcome reduced oxygen, low energy, and altitude sickness
  • Morning of recommendations to get all the nutrients you need without overfilling
  • Hour by hour recommendations for fuel including what to pack and what to have ready at aide stations
  • Recovery recommendations so you can feel good the next day
  • Coupons for recommended fuel

Race with confidence knowing you’re fuel plan is spot-on!

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