Inflammation Explained

Kelli is back for her second episode of the Apex Nutrition Podcast. She brings a ton of great information, knowledge, and experience to the world of mountain biking.


Do you feel run down? Not recovering well? Just plain tired? You may have a lot of inflammation! Listen in to figure out how to solve your issues.


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Show notes:



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Show outline:

1:08 - What is inflammation?

3:00 - What does excess inflammation feel like?

4:05 - What you can eat - nutrition on the bike and off the bike.

4:32 - Nutrition on the bike.

5:40 - Anti Inflammatory foods.

7:25 - Fat is not bad.

8:00 - Fish, how much, and how much fat.

10:30 - Fish oil advice - brands, how to take.

12:30 - Other sources of Omega-3's

13:45 - Ginger? Check Kelli's ginger chews.

15:00 - Antioxidants.

17:30 - What are specific bad foods?

21:00 - Omega-6' out!

25:00 - Recap of how to reduce inflammation.



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  • jo hitchen (Wednesday, February 20 13 04:14 am EST)

    I found the info on inflammation really interesting. I have excema on my skin...much better now I exercise more. I eat tomato and oranges, but on my skin these would cause that the same as inflamation on the inside of my body?

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