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March 8, 2013


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Kelli continues to bring you great information and helpful tips to increase your performance, both on and off the bike. The key is distinguishing daily nutrition from race nutrition.


In this episode, breaks down the difference of the daily and race nutrition. Kelli gives you the basics on how to lose fat, reach your race weight, and maintain that weight. She brings her experience as an endurance athlete and offers a practical approach to losing fat and not wearing yourself down while training and racing.


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:30 - Intro.

1:50 - Kelli gives away the show!

4:00 - The basics.

5:55 - Sugar in your bloodstream.

8:00 - A huge key to fat loss.

13:00 - Daily nutrition vs. training nutrition.

14:00 - The million-dollar question.

20:00 - How to reduce the "Reward Yourself" factor.

22:00 - Do you train late at night or early in the morning?

24:30 - Can Kelli help you?

26:00 - It's not calories in = calories out?

29:00 - Cells change?

31:30 - How to contact Kelli.



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