Reducing Fatigue

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Do you train often and then find your energy zapped, leaving you unable to do anything else the rest of the day? Not able to get up for your workouts or just run down?


Kelli is back for another week and has your answer! In this episode, she outlines her top five tips for reducing fatigue in endurance athletes. She explains hydration, getting plenty of carbs on the bike, recovery, supplements, and healthy fats.


Her tips are practical and useful for anyone looking to improve their health and performance. You can become a better cyclist just by listening!


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Show notes:



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Show outline:

:50 - Sleep!

1:15 - Outline of 5 tips to decrease fatigue.

1:20 - #1 - Hydration.

3:20 - #2 - Carbs on the bike.

5:25 - #3 - Recovery.

7:15 - Coconut oil is a "special" fat.

13:35 - #4 - Supplements

16:50 - Could you have low iron levels?

22:25 - How Kelli assesses a person's condition



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