March 15, 2013


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Kellis gets you started on supplements. Instead of giving you a ton of advanced information right from the start and make it confusing, Kelli starts with the basics and gets you on the right track.


Wondering about what to take? What's important in a daily multivitamin? Do you have unexplained fatigue - are you low on iron? What is glutamine, do you need it and how much?


If you're looking to jump start your training this spring and have been stuck in a rut, you should reevaluate your nutrition and supplement situation. This episode is a great start!



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Give your body what it needs for great energy and health every day and during training with the right foods, drinks, and supplements. If you would like help with accomplishing your goals, Kelli offers comprehensive plans as instant downloads and as Custom Clients starting at only $20!


Email Kelli to order and tell her Mountain Bike Radio sent you!


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:20 - Intro

:40 - Multivitamin

2:50 - Vitamin D

5:00 - Probiotics

8:00 - Chewy vitamins?

9:05 - Look for a USP label

9:25 -

10:20 - Inflammation Podcast

11:00 - More fish oil!

13:00 - Iron

19:30 - L-Glutamine

24:00 - Recap


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