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The Bike Life in Swedish Lapland Show is an extension of the website. The site was created for their love of the bicycle. Living in Northern Sweden, the guys experience 6-7 months of winter, but they still ride every day. Riding is a lifestyle. Listen in as Olov and Lars share their passion for bikes and share the experience and culture of living in Swedish Lapland. They dig all bikes, but have a special place in their heart for fatbikes and mountain bikes.


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Redbull Rampage

October 6, 2014


Olov and The Lars are back and just hanging out. First, they tried out listening and commentating on the Redbull Rampage and it didn't work out. They finish it up by just hanging out and chatting about bikes.

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Arctic Adventure

August 27, 2014


Olov and The Lars check in from about 200km from the Arctic Circle with friends Kevin and Fredrik. They record this podcast after the second day of a several day trip in an area in Northern Sweden. The guys discuss the fantastic trails, beautiful area, and lack of other people, in a fun episode.

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Summer Vacation

August 14, 2014


Olov and The Lars are back after a little time off! In this episode the guys chat about what's new, talk about bikes they like/have/want, and more. Listen in to the show that is straight from Sweden!

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June 15, 2014


Olov and Lars are back with another great episode. In this episode they invite a guest and have some fun. Listen in as they chat with their guest, Carl-Magnus, and chat about bikes and life in Swedish Lapland. 

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Episode One

May 6, 2014


Olov and The Lars are back for another fun episode of Bike Life in Swedish Lapland, the Podcast. The guys are having some wine and just relaxing and chatting while recording. Learn about the Aurora Safari Camp too.

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Episode Zero

April 17, 2014


Olov and Lars introduce themselves, discuss what the show will be about, what it's like to live above the Arctic Circle, and share how fatbikes have changed their riding in an area that has 6-7 months of pretty harsh winter. They also have a clip with David, who is an Operation Supervisor with the Icehotel. 

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