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Bikepacker Radio is a podcast produced by Bikepackers Magazine. Host Neil Beltchenko is an experienced bikepacker and strong endurance mountain biker who has a contagious passion for the sport. Listen in as he gives listeners a regular update on what's happening behind the scenes of the website.


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Jefe Branham Discusses Bikepacking and the Tour Divide

June 8, 2014


Neil sits down with one of the most experienced bikepackers out there. It's an interesting discussion that covers a wide variety of topics, from Jefe's history in mountain biking and bikepacking to next week's Tour Divide.

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Billy Rice - Tour Divide Yo-Yo

May 26, 2014


Billy Rice is the first rider to ride the Tour Divide.....back-to-back. In 2013, he started in Antelope Wells, New Mexico, rode over 2,700 miles north to Banff, Alberta, Canada, and then turned around and rode back to Antelope Wells.

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The Arizona Trail Race with Brian Brothers and Mike Behrendt

April 24, 2014


Neil digs more into the Arizona Trail Race by having a discussion with two of this year's finishers, Brian Brothers and Mike Behrendt. They provide some great perspective and insight into what it's like finishing the Arizona Trail Race.

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Neil Beltchenko discusses the Arizona Trail Race

April 21, 2014


The regular host of Bikepacker Radio, Neil Beltchenko, is the guest in this episode. Neil recently finished the very difficult 300-mile Arizona Trail Race in 49 hours and 20 minutes, beating the previous record and finishing 3rd place behind two blazing fast racers.

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April 4th Update

April 4, 2014


Neil is back with another informative episode. Lindsay Arne joins the show to give some information about the Bedrock Bags Tapeats To-Go Bag. Neil also does a full rundown of what you can find on the website and some extra insight into those articles.

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Intro Episode

March 12, 2014


Welcome to Bikepacker Radio! In this first episode, Neil, gives listeners a rundown of what you'll find and what you can expect on Bikepackers Magazine. You'll get an intro of Neil himself, as well as a summary of what the website is about. He also gives you some updates on their recent reviews, products, current events, and more.

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