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"Into Enduro," hosted by Macky Franklin is dedicated to all things Enduro. Macky will be discussing the who, what, why and how of Enduro mountain biking as well as equipment choice, what races to attend, training for Enduros and why you'll love it.


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    The Into Enduro 2013 North American Enduro Racing Calendar


Big Mountain Enduro - Brandon Ontiveros

July 25, 2013


Brandon Ontiveros, the Executive Director of the Big Mountain Enduro (BME) Series, joins Macky to discuss what is going on in their second year.


Based on plans for next year, current registration, and the current state of enduro, the BME has a bright future.


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Krista Park

May 14, 2013


Krista joins Macky to discuss her enduro racing focus. Many mountain bikers, amateur and pro alike, are ditching their xc plans and joining in on the fun of racing (mostly) downhill. Krista brings a good perspective to the enduro discussion.


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Enduro Cup

April 15, 2013


Listen in to hear all about the Enduro Cup Series in Utah.

You have a chance to snag a 20% entry discount if you hurry!


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Robert Herber - Riverside Enduro #2

Macky has been really busy having a good start to the XC season and he takes a moment to rest before getting in his first real enduro race of the season. Robert Herber of Racers and Chasers joins Macky to discuss this weekend's Riverside Enduro.


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Geax Tires with Ken Avery - February 26, 2013

Ken Avery, Brand Manager of Geax and Vittoria tires, joins Macky to discuss tires. This show will change the way you look at one of the most important components of your riding.


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JHK and Heather Irmiger - February 16, 2013

Macky brings a great show to MBR this week with an interview with Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski and Heather Irmiger. Listen in as they discuss a great variety of topics.


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Episode 1, "The Basics" - January 21, 2013

Welcome to the first episode of Into Enduro with Macky Franklin. Listen in to hear what the show is all about. Macky hits on the basics and gives you some insight of what is to come in the enduro racing scene.


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