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No matter how good your equipment is, it doesn't do you any good if you can't stay upright on the trails!

In this episode of Into Enduro, Macky was joined by Ken Avery, Geax Brand and Product Manager, to discuss the ins and outs of tire choice and some of the work that goes into designing tires.


Ken breaks tires down to the basic level and then brings you through to deciding on the best tire for your riding conditions. You'll reconsider your tire options immediately! If you want a better ride, be faster, or just don't want to crash as often, this is a must listen!


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Ken Avery of Geax Tires
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Show Notes:


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Show outline:

0:00-1:00 - Don't listen...a little technical difficulty - Sorry!

1:55 - Macky introduces Ken.

2:20 - Ken discusses his experience.

3:55 - Geax and Vittoria.

6:48 - What is Brand and Product Manager?

10:00 - The basics - defining tire vocabulary.

11:20 - Tire casing material and information.

17:40 - Tire compound. Want to know what "durometer" is?

23:40 - "Tire blend."

28:00 - Tread defines the tire.

38:00 - Mud tires.

39:50 - The "birth" of your tires and athlete input.

46:50 - New Geax Tires to be released at Sea Otter

47:25 - Macky gives it up that he's been testing the new tires to be released at Sea Otter.

48:00 - How to choose the proper tire and what factors should you consider.

49:00 - Tires are VERY important.

51:00 - Tire types for conditions/riding style.

54:00 - Quick tread overview for specific conditions.

60:45 - Ken never raced Downieville, but loved the Whiteface, NY course.

62:10 - What Macky is thinking to ride for Downieville.

64:40 - Ken's race day plan.

71:00 - What tire pressure should you be running.

80:00 - Ken addresses the tighter fitting tires and explains how they've updated and now all good.






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