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November 12, 2012

Chain Heavy, Ass Sores, and Gold Chains


This week's episode is full of great, practical information. The crew talks bike cleaning and maintenance, saddle sores, suspension, chains, tires, spiders, and fatbikes.


Don't know the difference between low and high-speed compression? Wondering what you should use to clean your bike? How should you clean your drivetrain?

Do you know when to maintain your fork or rear shock? How often should you change your chain? Are you afraid of spiders? Have you thought about what fatbikes are all about?


These are just some of the questions that you'll get answers to in this episode of Just Riding Along.


Listen in to the show here:


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November 5, 2012 

The Flowbee, Disc Brakes, and Tube Condoms


Join the crew for this week's show as they discuss a huge array of topics. Frame talk, tires, and proper mohawk maintenance are just some of the topics.


The show starts off with a discussion of what the above picture is all about. Carbon, aluminum, or another frame material? Then Andrea spends a couple minutes ranting about cyclocross race course. She finished well racing this past weekend. FullFace Kenny is getting left to fend for himself at the shop as Pool Boy Matt is getting a different job and Andrea is focusing on racing full time. Kenny is confident that he'll be fine and Matt is going to be getting his race on.


Listen in to hear about Matt's height to weight ratio, warranty know-how, 29er v 26 v 650b, and more!


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October 29, 2012

Introductions, Ebay Buys, and Dengfu Bikes


In the first episode of "Just Riding Along", Andrea, Full Face Kenny, and Pool Boy Matt introduce themselves and share how the arrived on Mountain Bike Radio.


After introductions, the trio talked about buying bikes off of ebay and all the potential downfalls and "good" deals. They then break down how not to act with your mechanic and, to bring a positive vibe, talk about some of their favorite customers.


There are some future show topics brewing in this episode, including a full on Andrea - Kenny Battle Royale.


Listen to the show here:


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