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February 11, 2013


The crew has a busy show. How do you know if you're bike will handle ok with a different fork? Did you know that most 29ers are likely happy at 70-80mm of fork trail? 


Maxxis Ikon 2.35's??


Top 5 beginner tips: Fix a flat, Matt and Andrea Hate Fatbikes, Ride with someone a little faster....and more.


Should you buy a custom bike?

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ProGold Lubricants -

Bike geometry -

Maxxis Ikon 2.35's -



These are all questions that were answered during the show:

  • From Greg: "Gears.Do riders,particuraly the fast ones change there gear sprockets front or rear rings to get a faster advantage.I can't keep up and I am fit.What's goin on here ? Thanks" 
  • From Heather: "Seems like lots of mountain bikers get a single speed bike after riding/racing a few years, and riders that are fast usually also ride a single speed. Is this something that can take a rider to their next level, or is it a chicken and egg thing where riders who ride SS were just fast to begin with? I do not own a SS bike but am always looking for ways to improve. Should I consider getting one? I currently ride Expert XC and also do Xterras, and would use a SS mostly for training if I had one."
  • From Andy: "With NAHBS coming up in a couple weeks some are thinking "handmade". When looking at the next bike purchase, what would it benefit, or is there a benefit, to choose a local builder instead of a bike/frame off the LBS floor?"
  • From Chris: "I'm looking to do much more gravel road riding and maybe even a gravel century this year. What kind of tire, width (front & rear) and type of tread would be best for this surface type instead of the dirt singletrack tires (Bontrager 29.3-2.25" front, 2" rear) currently on my 29'er?"
  • From Warren: "Just wondering if you could give some insight into the changes that take place in geometry figures and handling when making changes to fork length? As an example, most newer designs of 29er hard tail frames are designed around a 100mm suspension fork, yet most of the carbon forks like that of the Niner brand will resemble an 80mm fork or 468mm. So if you installed this fork, by how many degrees would the angles steepen and what would be the resulting handling characteristics?"
  • From Javier: "The lightest 29er tubeless tires for racing rocky courses?"
  • Andy asks: "Will fat bikes take over the world?"
  • Scott asks: "What makes ProGold Bikes Xtreme lube so damn awesome?"
  • Chris asks: "What are your thoughts on Crank Brothers wheelsets? Particularly the 26" Iodines for a Ellsworth Moment. Looking for a lighter wheelset than my Mavic 823 36h rims and I can get a deal on the CB. Any other suggestions on a wheelsets? I9 and King are out of my price range? Thx."
  • From Sean: "I discovered an area that has lots of potential for an underground cyclecross race. I've never raced cyclecross, so I'm not sure what a course would entail. What make for a great cyclecross course? Thanks gang!"
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