Rims, Tires, Drivetrains...Oh my

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This is an information-filled show that you should listen to. Now. Kenny and Andrea hold down the JRA HQ, while Matt is away on business. Matt does get his two cents in by texting and tweeting. They miss him...Andrea admits with a tear in her eye.


There were a lot of great questions from all of the listeners and they answer them all. Wondering about rim width? How about tire width considerations? They even discuss brake noise. Can you touch your rotors and avoid squeal? What about brake gobble?



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Just Riding Along - February 18
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Great Lakes Fat Bike Series - Greatlakesfatbikeseries.com

Surly Knard Tire - Surlybikes.com/parts/knard_29

Surly Rabbit Hole - Surlybikes.com/parts/rabbit_hole

Matt's Twitter - Twitter.com/Beanpolematt

Andrea's site - Brickhouseracing.com

Wired Fatbike article - Wired.com/playbook/2013/02/snowbikes/

Industry Nine wheels - Industrynine.net

Stans Notubes -


Show outline:

1:00 - More fatbike bashing by Andrea

1:30 - What is a fatbike standard tire width?

2:20 - Fatbike Frozen 40 - Frozen40.com

5:00 - Pimping Matt's Twitter account

6:30 - Rim widths discussion



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