Armadillos, Race Tshirts, and Could You Be Too Stiff?

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September 2, 2013


The discussion about armadillos continues on from last week's show. They crawl, they squeal, they jump out in front of you. Listen in to hear more about those weird little creatures.


They share their experiences at this past weekend's Skool of Hard Nox 50 in the Tombigbee National Forest. Andrea took the win, Matt had a bad day, and Kenny sounds like it went ok, despite a possibly heart attack, stroke, or perhaps just a lack of fitness and toughness. We'll let you decide.


The discussion of race tshirts became a lengthy, somewhat spirited debate about what they should be. If race directors want an honest opinion, this is the show. Bottom line, don't just give out whatever shirt is cheapest because it's likely to end up as a rag...immediately.


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