Vapor Trail Report, Gerry Pflug vs., Carbon Wheels, and Matt's New Bike

Matt's New Ride

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September 9, 2013


This is show is packed with discussion from beginning to end. All 90 minutes! Usually episodes don't go over an hour, but this was special. Where else do you get a discussion about Gerry Pflug vs. Ben or vs. a bear or....


Ben Welnak is a guest on the show to discuss his Vapor Trail 125 experience. Andrea is all in for a future attempt at the VT125, but Matt and Kenny aren't so into actually racing it.


The debate on when and where stiff carbon wheels are appropriate goes on and Matt discusses his new bike situation.



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  • JasonK (Wednesday, September 11 13 02:40 pm EDT)

    Nice listen guys, but you are crazy about wanting a vertically compliant wheelset, there is not such thing. There is no significant vertical compliance on any wheelset, at least nothing a rider could actually feel. That all comes from the tires, etc. Just drop a few psi, a lot cheaper and easier than buying some stans rims designed to be flexy.

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