Who are the Big Livers?

Jeff, Jonesy, and Pat are three guys from Missouri who realized that balance is a key to a good life.


Back in the day, it was not unusual for us to visit the local bar after a hard days work.  This went on for some time until it became apparent we were no longer 25 years old and the lingering effects of a constant inflow of booze did not mesh well with our state of “well being”- i.e. protuberance of gut over our belts.  It became apparent that we needed “balance" in our lives.  Thus, began our pursuit of balance.  A purchase of a cheap and crappy mountain bike eventually lead to adventure races and endurance road rides to ultimately balance our worlds. 


Somewhere in this process our drink, the “Big Liver” was born: 1/3 vanilla vodka, 1/3 orange juice, and 1/3 citrus soda.


It soon became tradition to toast to “Life’s About Balance!” 


We here at Big Livers Industries believe that it is crucial to have balance in our lives.  As far as we are concerned, too much is too much, and it is our hope this can be applied to your life as well.  We hope you’ll enjoy our products as much as we have enjoyed creating them and remember:


Life's About Balance!

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