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On “The Dirt with Drew Edsall", Drew will be discussing training, nutrition, equipment choice, racing, and other mountain bike related topics. Drew will be joined by other professional mountain bikers, as well as others throughout the mountain biking community as he brings the latest and greatest mountain biking info to you every month.


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November 5, 2014


Drew is back! Ben and Drew catch up and give new listeners a little background about Drew. Drew then leads a very informative discussion about periodization. Listen in to find out what periodization is, different types, and how you can apply them to your training.

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Training with Power

February 1, 2014


Drew follows up his last show about training with heart rate with a great, detailed discussion about training with power meters. Have you been thinking about getting started with power and weren't really sure where to start? What should you be looking for? Drew answers your questions and helps you get going. Is it ok to take a break in your training?

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Heart Rate Training

December 1, 2013


Drew shares some great information that you need to know about training with heart rate. Through years of high level training, racing, and teaching, Drew has gained a lot of knowledge about what it takes to improve performance through a variety of training techniques. Let him help you.

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Bob McCarty of McCarty Training

October 4, 2013


Bob McCarty has been riding and racing bikes since he started riding bmx in 1979 - 28 years of mountain biking! He currently brings his strong passion, experience, and knowledge to others through Listen in as Drew and Bob discuss some great topics!

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HIT Training - Members Only

September 30, 2013


Member-Only Episode


Coach Drew Edsall discusses HIT Training. If you want to know about different ways of training on the bike to improve your performance, endurance, and just overall level of fun on the bike, this is a must listen. Even for just regular riding, a little hard work will make those long, epic days more enjoyable.


What is HIT Training?


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Rotem Ishay, Skyler Trujillo, and Interbike


September 18, 2013


Drew is joined by Rotem Ishay and Skyler Trujillo to catch up on what's going on with them.


They also get into some good discussion about getting blood work done and other training information.


They also do a preview of Cross Vegas.



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Laws of Training

August 17, 2013


Drew shares his laws of training. Through years of high level training, racing, and teaching, Drew has gained a lot of knowledge about what it takes to improve performance.


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Labor Day Weekend Racing

August 14, 2013


Drew talks with Todd Sadow, the director of The Grand Junction Off Road, and Perry Jewett, the director of the Dakota Five-O, about their upcoming races Labor Day Weekend.


Listen in to find out all the details about each.


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Was Jeremiah Bishop Snubbed?

August 8, 2013


The latest in the USA Cycling saga was a social media uproar over Jeremiah Bishop's name not appearing on the US World Championships Team.


Drew brings together a great discussion about what is actually going on and what it means for riders and mountain biking in the US. Another must listen!


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More USA Cycling and UCI

July 18, 2013


A great episode! Mitch Hoke, Kerry Werner, Scott Tedro, and Ty Kady join Drew. The show starts off with discussion about the USA XC National Championships at Bear Creek Resort in Macungie, Pennsylvania. Then it gets into more USAC discussion. Scott Tedro has exhausted his options and shares a lot of his frustration.


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Howard Grotts and Stephen Ettinger

July 3, 2013


Drew is joined by BMC's Stephen Ettinger and Specialized Racing's Howard Grotts to discuss racing at the Hammer Nutrition Missoula Pro XCT, as well as how they got into mountain bike racing and much more.



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Durango Devo Elite - Payson McElveen and Sepp Kuss

May 9, 2013


Payson McElveen and Sepp Kuss, young racers on the Durango Devo Elite Team out of Durango, Colorado, joined Drew to share their experiences in high level mountain biking, including training, racing, nutrition, and the developments into the pro field.



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Russell Finsterwald and Kalan Beisel

April 16, 2013


U23 National Champion and Trek Factory Racing rider, Russell Finsterwald, and Orbea-Tuffshed rider, Kalan Beisel, joined the show to discuss training, nutrition, and racing for the 2013 season and more!


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USA Cycling Discussion Continued

April 9, 2013


Drew holds another discussion about USA Cycling.

It's an extremely hot topic, in which 1,000's of people have immediately sent comments to USA Cycling showing their disapproval.


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USA Cycling and UCI Sanctioning Discussion

April 5, 2013


It's become the hot topic again. USA Cycling released a statement today clarifying their stance on the UCI Rule 1.2.019.


Drew is joined by Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski and Macky Franklin to cohost the discussion. Listen in to hear what the pros, who are affected by the decision, are thinking.


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Ryan Woodall

April 2, 2013


Ryan Woodall is currently in 5th overall in the USAC Pro XCT Series. He's had some strong and consistent finishes so far this season and is eyeing up a top 5 spot in the upcoming races.


Ryan and Drew discuss many great topics!


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Jonathan Davis

March 19, 2013


Jonathan Davis of the Trek Colorado Race Team joins Drew to discuss racing, training, and more. John talks about his win at the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo.


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Thomson Bike Parts

March 5, 2013


Drew is joined by David Parrett of Thomson to discuss what's going on in the world of Thomson. If you're interested in dropper seatposts, carbon and ti handlebars, as well as a discussion about Thomson's current products, you should listen to the show!


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A Chat with Kenda Pro Mountain Bike Team Members

February 19, 2013


Drew is back to a regular show schedule and joined by his teammates, Colin Cares and Mitch Hoke.


Listen in to hear pro mountain biking talk!


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Stages Cycling

January 31, 2013


Drew is joined by Matt Pacocha of Stages Cycling to discuss power meters. Drew brings his expert knowledge of training, racing, and coaching to the show in helping to understand the benefits of power meters.



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December 4, 2012 - Wobble-Naught

***Listeners are invited to a 2-for-1 deal on bike fits. Go to this page:, and enter "MBR" in the promotional code box.

HURRY! The 2-for-1 promotion only runs until 12/31/12***


Tom Coleman of Wobble-Naught joined the show to discuss all the theory behind proper bike fit, as well as all the details about why it is important to be dialed in and how he can help. Tom makes it very clear that he is passionate, knowledgable, and willing to do what he can to help people function at their best.


Many of the top mountain bikers have worked with Tom and he shares some of his knowledge. Listen in to learn what the first, second, and third "gear" is all about. Tom helps racers and non-racers alike.


Listen in to the show here:

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Two winners even got in on a great giveaway! One winner won a free WN fit and a Thomson carbon handlebar. Another winner won a free WN fit.


Stay tuned to future shows for more great information and giveaways!


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November 20, 2012

Alex Grant joined Drew to discuss  to discuss ergogenic aids( performance enhancing aids) such as caffeine, altitude tents, carbohydrates during exercise, BCAAs, and compression options.


If you are interested in getting that final edge in your racing arsenal, this is the show for you!


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November 7, 2012

In this episode Macky Franklin joined Drew and they discussed a variety of topics covering many disciplines, including XC, Enduro, Endurance, and stage racing. Everything from nutrition, to training, to equipment choice was mentioned.


Drew and Macky had a great discussion about mountain bike stage racing. The increasing popularity of stage racing gives racers a whole new challenge to test their endurance. Listen in to learn about training time, intensity, and equipment that you'll need to get you through and race your best.


They go into detail about the Breck Epic, Trans-Sylvania Epic, and Pisgah Stage Race. Why is it a unique race? What do you need to race at altitude? What is it like to climb like a goat? How to recover? What makes Trans-Sylvania Epic special? It's all answered in this show.


Enduro racing is coming on strong and Macky knows his stuff. Listen in to learn what you'll need to know and to learn how Macky is practicing trial riding.


29ers, 650b, 26? What to use?

Over/Under training, VO2 Max training, and climbing's all in here.

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October 23, 2012


"How to Get Faster Using Nutrition, Training, and Rest/Recovery to Naturally Build Your Growth Hormone and Testosterone Levels"

This is the first episode of the new show with Drew Edsall, "The Dirt with Drew Edsall."


Jeremiah Bishop joins this episode to discuss several topics with Drew and give his point of view.


They touch on everything from nutrition timing, to the importance of sleep, and everything in between. Too much coffee? What is a lot of sleep? How many carbohydrates and when?


It's a must listen if you want to hear two of the top pros kick around training information and tips.


Download: [Episode]


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