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Anyone racing is also welcome to call 888-573-4329 to give an update during the race. Your audio update will be posted to this page. So, feel free to give updates to family, friends, or sponsors.

Race Check-ins:


Guitar Ted's Last Check In


That's all she wrote, folks!


Pete Jaros - April 28, 1:48pm


Pete calls in and give thanks to all of his support.


Guitar Ted - April 28, 6:58am


Guitar Ted checks in from the finish line. First singlespeeder and woman!


Jim Cummins - April 28, 6:56am


A tough call for Jim. Good job Jim. Thanks still a great, long ride!


Craig Irving - April 28, 5:58am


Craig checks in about 20 miles from the finish!


Guitar Ted - April 28, 5:11am


We have a winner! Another 40-something racers still on course.


Guitar Ted - April 28, 1:34am


GT checks back in about 25 miles from the end. He's passing along some info from Matt and Josh.


Guitar Ted - April 28, 12:00am


Leader group of two and GT is headed to the barn.


Robert Frye - April 27, 10:04pm


Robert gives us another report from checkpoint 2.


Guitar Ted - April 27, 9:14pm


Guitar Ted gives an update on some numbers. He's camping out about 60 miles from the finish. He's starting to sound a little tired too. It's getting to be a long day at this point. Everyone is doing a great job!


Chris Schotz - April 27, 8:33pm


Race leader, Chris Schotz, calls in! He sounds a little tired, but he is a very strong rider and this part of the race is right in his wheelhouse. Nice job Chris.


Agatha Gryglak - April 27, 7:53pm


Agatha gets in the longest check-in of the day. She's through checkpoint 2. It sounds like the day is wearing on, but the spirits are good.


Robert and Jeremy Frye - April 27, 7:25pm


They give us the lowdown on the UK riders from the checkpoint 2 vantage point. Great job out there everyone!


Guitar Ted - April 27, 7:16pm


Guitar Ted checks in again. Some race stats - starters, checkpoints, and only two women through checkpoint 2. Stay tuned!


Jim Cummins - April 27, 7:12pm


The Dirty Kanza 200 director is back with another check-in. He's pulling the big boy panties on. He's riding with Warren Wiebe.


Craig Irving - April 27, 5:30pm


Craig calls in from checkpoint 2.


Guitar Ted - April 27, 5:30pm


People continue to drop. Listen in to hear about the leaders. Where is Eric? Listen in for some more information.


Monika Sattler - April 27, 5:30pm


Monika checks in and sounds to be in good spirits. She's downing some cinnamon rolls and is ready to go.


Aaron Gammel - April 27, 5:30pm


Aaron checks back in. He's starting to sound tired.


Guitar Ted - April 27, 3:33pm


GT checks in with a new update from checkpoint 2. Chris Schotz is hammering it. Some chasers. Listen. Now!


Checkpoint 2 - April 27, 3:25pm


Robert and Jeremy Frye give us an update on riders coming through checkpoint 2.


Guitar Ted - April 27, 1:15pm


GT is back again and gives you some more dnf's and more fun info.


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  • Louise (Thursday, April 25 13 07:30 pm EDT)

    Waiting for updates

  • Janey (Saturday, April 27 13 09:17 am EDT)

    Where is the link that the riders call in on?

  • Gillian Lederman (Saturday, April 27 13 03:00 pm EDT)

    Listening to the updates. Sounds like it's going well. Keep it up.

  • Gillian & Co (Saturday, April 27 13 03:08 pm EDT)

    Nice day for a bike ride. Listening to the updates. Good job!

  • Julie (Saturday, April 27 13 03:55 pm EDT)

    Second check point updates?

  • Rudy (Saturday, April 27 13 04:08 pm EDT)

    About 50% of the updates won't play. Anyone else having this problem?

  • Becky Showalter (Saturday, April 27 13 04:15 pm EDT)

    Enjoyed hearing from Craig Irving! Keep up the great job.

  • kathy (Saturday, April 27 13 05:06 pm EDT)

    where is eric brunt

  • craig (Saturday, April 27 13 05:08 pm EDT)

    any word on the women's race?

  • matt parsons (Saturday, April 27 13 05:41 pm EDT)

    Audio player not working for me on Android. Would you be able to provide a link to the mp3?
    Keep it up riders!!!

  • sam (Saturday, April 27 13 05:56 pm EDT)

    Where is mark elsasser? what is the twitter #?

  • Jake (Saturday, April 27 13 06:10 pm EDT)

    thanks for the updates. keep pushing it agatha!!!!! see y'all at the barn later!

  • Brian Hegge (Saturday, April 27 13 06:49 pm EDT)

    Come on Schotzie!

  • matt parsons (Saturday, April 27 13 08:54 pm EDT)

    Twitter hash is #tiv9

  • Allison (Saturday, April 27 13 09:17 pm EDT)

    Enjoying the updates!

  • Rudy (Saturday, April 27 13 09:23 pm EDT)

    Keep on a rollin' Joey!!!!!

  • Karen (Saturday, April 27 13 09:24 pm EDT)

    Way to go Aaron Gammel! You can push through!

  • Dutchie (Saturday, April 27 13 10:46 pm EDT)

    Ride safe throughout the night!

  • Kenny D (Saturday, April 27 13 10:52 pm EDT)

    I'm not seeing any updates past 5:30PM, 4/27/13

  • Dutchie (Saturday, April 27 13 11:06 pm EDT)

    Would like to see some recent updates. The las one was posted at 5:30 PM. Riders, please call in.

  • Gillian (Sunday, April 28 13 08:49 am EDT)

    Thanks for the update GT! Great day in Iowa. Amazing endurance.

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