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Trans Iowa is the granddaddy of all gravel races. The race is in it's 9th year! During those eight other years, weather has impacted the races tremendously! Cold, rain, sun, wind, and more wind have given racers an additional challenge on top of racing 320+ miles.


This year you can take the guess work out of the forecast by tuning into a race-specified, detailed forecast by 2WheelWeather. Listen to the forecasts a week as you do final prep for race weekend!

Friday, April 26th Forecast


The weather is still looking good but things have changed a little bit. Listen in as Kristin explains what to expect.



Download: [2WheelWeather Forecast]


Listen to the 2WheelWeather Forecast:


Check out Kristin's CycleCast


Wednesday, April 24th Forecast


Hey racers! Wondering about the fog, wind, and temps for the race? Here's your latest weather update made specifically for you! Listen in for all of the details!


Download: [2WheelWeather Forecast]


Listen to the 2WheelWeather Trans Iowa CycleCast:



Check out Kristin's Cyclecast


Monday, April 22nd Forecast


It's early in the week yet, but it's a BIG weekend coming up and everyone has their eye on the forecast! Get the detailed, inside scoop all week from Kristin from! Listen's early but sounding great!


Download: [2WheelWeather Forecast]


Listen to the 2WheelWeather Trans Iowa CycleCast:



Check out Kristin's Cyclecast


About 2WheelWeather:


There's no denying that weather affects everything we do, especially
cycling! Whether it be a leisurely Saturday afternoon group ride or a
competitive long distance endurance race, 2WheelWeather will take the guess
work out of the cycling weather.


2WheelWeather puts a strong emphasis on getting the cyclists involved in
sharing a cycling experience impacted by weather, cycling photos and
videos, or the micro-climates that make their local trails special.
2WheelWeather will be an interactive, national cycling community about
weather and it's impacts on cycling.

2WheelWeather also provides accurate, highly detailed and hyperlocal
weather forecasts for events and races.




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