Trans-Sylvania Mountain Bike Epic

May 25-31, 2014

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We are bringing you updates on the 2014 Trans-Sylvania Mountain Bike Epic Stage Race. Sue George is writing great, daily press releases for all media that provides readers some great insight and information into the daily races. 


Instead of just reproducing those results onto another website, we wanted to share those with you in an easy format that you could take with you, listen to while you're at work, on the train, or anywhere else sitting down to read an article for 15 minutes isn't convenient. Sue and Trans-Sylvania Mountain Bike Epic are gracious enough to let us produce their press releases into audio for you!


For more information, results, and pictures go to the TSE Website

Stage 6

Photo by A.E. Landes (

Stage 6 is the "Tussey" stage. Perhaps the most awesome stage of the week, this route is one of the favorites. The 2014 version is a mix of what has come before, combining courses and trails from the first four years of trips through Rothrock State Forest.


New enduro segments on Long Mountain Trail and the never before included Hessick Trail augment the enduro segment count to three. Rocky singletrack lovers will love the scenic Tussey Ridge Trail. 42 miles with 4,883 feet of climbing.


Stage 6 Report: [Download]


Listen in to Stages 6:

Stage 5

Photo by A.E. Landes (

Stage 5 is the "R.B. Winter" stage. This stage travels through a lightly used area that is among the most picturesque riding in Pennsylvania, and old tram trails from early 20th century logging cuts will leave riders with a new understanding of baby-head rocks.


Black Gap Trail is hard for riders to forget and for those who've experienced it and White Deer Creek Trail ranks among the top 10 trails in Pennsylvania. R.B. Winter State Park is a beautiful park with a cold, spring-fed lake at the finish. It includes four enduro segments with a wide variety in features.


Stage 5 Report: [Download]


Listen in to Stages 5:


Stage 3 and 4

Photo by A.E. Landes (

Stage 3 is the "Gailbraith Enduro" stage. Racers compete over five separate enduro segments with no timed racing in between segments - pedal on to the next segment and go. The timed segments are then added to the overall general classification and the enduro category.


Stage 4 is the "Coburn" stage. This stage may have been the most exciting stage in 2013, as many of the top riders attacked in attempts to make moves in the race general classification.


Stage 3 and 4 Report: [Download]


Listen in to Stages 3 and 4:

Stage 1 and 2

Photo by A.E. Landes (

Stage 1, "Bald Eagle Time Trial", on Sunday gave racers a short and intense opportunity to kick things off with a time trial. Stage 2, "Coopers Gap," went right after riders with relentless climbing and technically challenging trails.


Stage 1 and 2 Report: [Download]


Listen in to Stages 1 and 2:



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