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Lynda Wallenfels coaches many of the top mountain bikers throughout the country. Her experience and knowledge helps a wide range of cyclists. Lynda joins Mountain Bike Radio to offer a regular show with tips, information, and updates of what is going on at LW Coaching.


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Intervals for Mountain Bikers - The Series, #2 "Design, Pacing, and Metrics"

September 11, 2014


This is the second episode of a series of episodes titled "Intervals for Mountain Bikers." Lynda discusses interval design, pacing, and metrics by giving you some valuable tips and information. Listen in to boost your intervals!

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Intervals for Mountain Bikers - The Series, #1 "Basics"

August 28, 2014


In this episode of The LW Coaching Show, Lynda kicks off a series of episodes discussing intervals for mountain bikers. She sets up some of the basics of intervals, including why you need to do intervals, the heirarchy of the best place to do your intervals, and what's with the myth of training 50% road bike and 50% mountain bike.

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How to Choose a Coach

July 22, 2014


In this episode, Coach Lynda Wallenfels answers a listener's question about how to find a coach. She gives some useful, practical tips and ideas to consider when searching for the best coach for you. 

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Make a Race Plan

June 11, 2014


Do you have an upcoming race and don't have your prerace and during race plan written down? Do you even have a plan in your head? If not, you could be spending all that training time and money to only have it sabotaged at the last minute.

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Racing in Extreme Conditions

May 1, 2014


On the heels of the recent Whiskey Off Road and Cohutta 100, Lynda is back with a timely episode about racing in extreme conditions. Lynda offers up some information, experience, and tips for listeners who will experience conditions that are outside their norm.

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Training Camps

April 14, 2014


In this third episode of The LW Coaching Show, Lynda gives you some great information on training camps. What is a training camp? What are some considerations you should make before doing one? How much training? Listen in as she explains!

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How to Warm Up


March 22, 2014


In this second episode, Lynda gives you some great information on how to properly warmup. She shares some basic information about warming up for races and workouts that you need to consider and more.

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Episode 1 - Recovery Tips


February 25, 2014


In the first episode of The LW Coaching Show, Lynda Wallenfels shares recovery tips. She offers a very easy to implement list of steps that you should follow if you'd like to increase your performance on and off the bike.



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