The Unchained Cyclist Reflects on Crossing Iceland

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December 5, 2013


Geoff Harper joined the show back in June to discuss his, then, upcoming trip across Iceland by fatbike. Since then, he has completed it, done a lot of writing and interviews and has had some time to comprehend what he has accomplished. He even has already begun plans for a different trip.


You may have read about his trip or listened to his interview on National Geographic, but we dig a little deeper into all of this to get you some great perspective. Listen in to hear Geoff reflect on the entire experience.


Geoff talks about his mountaineering background and how it lead to this trip. He also reflects on his habits and passion that help him to accomplish adventures like this. After weeks in


Listen in to get a true feel of what it's like. 


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  • Olov Stenlund (Friday, February 28 14 04:37 pm EST)

    I´ve been following the blog. Really nice to hear the story with Geoffs own voice.

    And i must say, very inspiring journey!

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