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October 22 - Just Riding Along. "McNugget Value"  Kenny makes questionable decisions, Matt keeps the 29+ discussion front and center, and the gang runs through this week's segments. You know that you really want to listen. If not, we're begging you. 


October 21 - The LW Coaching Show. "Interval Training for Mountain Bikers #3 - Specifics"  This is the third episode of a series of episodes titled "Intervals for Mountain Bikers." Lynda discusses intervals specifics. If you've listened to the previous two episodes about interval training, you're now ready to hear what intervals you can and should be doing and how many. Listen in as Lynda walks (or sprints) you through the details you need to know!


October 15 - Just Riding Along Special Episode. "Lula Lake Land Trust 5-Points 50"  In this special on-site episode, Andrea catches up with Trisha Mims from the Lula Lake Land Trust, Michael Long, race director for SORBA Chattanooga, open class winners Thomas Turner and Lisa Randall, and singlespeed first and second place finishers, Gordon Wadsworth, Randy Kerr. Andrea also gives listeners a race report from her hostel. 


October 14 - Just Riding Along. "Organized"  This episode brings listeners another great, full show with discussion about everything from recommended cyclocross tires to carbon rims to Fox forks to more blabber from Matt about fatbikes, plus more. They start up a new show outline to bring their usual bike talk in a little more organized format. 


October 13 - The Last Aid Station. "October Report and John Stamstad"  Mark brings listeners a great episode filled with reports on the Swiss Epic, the Fools Gold 100, the Munga, Iron Cross, and the Pisgah Stage Race and gets a great interview with the father of modern endurance mountain biking, John Stamstad. 


October 11 - The Apex Nutrition Podcast. "Listener Questions"  In this episode, Kelli runs through topics that have been recommended and asked about recently. She'll share information about cramps, pickle juice, mustard, beets, fueling, carbs, and more. A great show filled with some useful tips.


October 7 - Just Riding Along. "Matt Wants to Ride a 29+"  This episode is great...but only if you like discussion about bikes, components, 1x10, 1x11, 29+, and other bike stuff. Andrea kicks off the show by talking about her successful adventure race this past weekend in Maryland and then they launch into a full discussion about 29+ and a list of bike topics.


October 6 - Bike Life in Swedish Lapland. "Redbull Rampage"  Olov and The Lars are back and just hanging out. First, they tried out listening and commentating on the Redbull Rampage and it didn't work out. They finish it up by just hanging out and chatting about bikes.


September 30 - Just Riding Along. "It's Enduro, Bro"  It was a long week at the Pisgah Stage Race and Matt is tired. In this episode, Kenny, Andrea, and Matt get caught up on some recent enduro racing, discuss a good listener's question, and discuss a common topic on MTBR.


September 28 - The Big Livers Podcast. "Three Sweet Texas Blondes"  The Big Livers give you a fun rundown of three sweet blondes from Texas. Blondes...as in beer.... Have a listen to find out what a blonde beer is exactly and then what the guys think of three blondes from Texas brewers, including Shiner Light Blonde, Rahr & Sons Blonde, and the Real Ale Brewing Fireman's #4 Blonde Ale. 


Sept 23-27 - Just Riding Along. "Pisgah Stage Race Special"  Matt tackles the very challenging 2014 Pisgah Stage Race, which boasts 140 miles and 20,000+ feet of climbing in 5 stages in the Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina. Andrea is also along during the week for support. Listen in below for Matt's check in after each stage. Be sure to check out #MBRPSR on Twitter too!


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