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November 20 - The Being Dad Show. "Community"  In this episode of the newly created Being Dad Show, show host, Ben Welnak, shares listener stories to give you a great idea of who is tuning in, following along, and who shares your story and situation in life. Then he interviews Nick Ybarra who is the race director of the Maah Daah Hey 100, father of two young girls, husband, former oil rig worker, and hunter. They chat about what it's like to work on an oil rig and Ben and Nick's recent hunting adventure on fatbikes.


November 19 - The Last Aid Station. "November Report"  Mark is back with a late season report! He recaps several recent popular events, including the Wilkes 100k, WEMBO 24 Hour Worlds, Iceman Cometh, and the Swank 65. Mark even gets a chance to speak with the Wilkes 100k winner, Gordon Wadsworth, after that race. Listen in to get the inside scoop on the endurance mountain biking world! 


November 18 - Just Riding Along. "Email Central"  This episode is filled with helpful information. Kenny leads off with a chat about his new wheel setup and then they dig in with several listeners questions. Matt gives good shoe info and leaves you with some thoughts on what hasn't worked for him. That's all folks.


November 13 - Inside Mountain Bike Radio. "Brian Matter Wins His 4th Iceman Cometh"  Brian Matter checks in to discuss his recent win against some of the strongest riders in the country at the Iceman Cometh in Michigan. Brian recaps the epic conditions and details his win, as well as chats about his win at the Chequamegon 40 and second place finish at the Ore to Shore.


November 13 - MTB Strength Coach Podcast. "Flexibility Training"  In this episode, the show host, James Wilson, kicks off a series of podcasts highlighting the five essential elements of mountain bike training. The first part is flexibility. He walks listeners through a great description of flexibility training, the benefits, and how to do it as a mountain biker. 


November 12 - Just Riding Along. "Fries and Mayo"  Andrea and Matt tackle this episode themselves. Matt almost breaks out in tears as he recounts his love-hate relationship with cyclocross and relives his frame break from this weekend and Andrea chats about the DirtSmart MTB clinic she took this past weekend. Plenty of listener questions this week too!


November 11 - The Drunkcyclist Podcast. "Who Are Your Top 4 Cycling Industry People"  D2 and 40 Hands discuss, using many f-bombs, a recent terrible accident and situation one of their friends is going through, full suspension fatbikes, cyclocross, and the list of the top four people to know in and around the cycling industry. 


November 9 - Girls & Gears. "Danielle Musto Finishes 4th at 24 Hour Worlds"  Danielle Musto is a guest in this episode of Girls & Gears. Ben interviews Danielle about her recent 4th place finish at the World Endurance Mountain Bike Organization (WEMBO) 24 Hour World Championship in Scotland.


November 6 - Inside Mountain Bike Radio. "Tuscobia Winter Ultramarathon"  The Tuscobia Winter Ultramarathon has quickly become one of the go-to winter endurance events for fatbikers, runner, and skiers. Race directors, Chris and Helen Scotch, join the show to give listeners a behind-the-scenes look at the race, as well as what racers can expect, and some of the race details. 


November 5 - Inside Mountain Bike Radio. "Pat Sorensen of Penn Cycle"  The owner of Penn Cycle in Minnesota, Pat Sorensen, joins the show to discuss several items that Penn is currently involved in, including the MORC Gala, Get Phat with Pat fatbike races, and Cross for Tots. We also chat about Pat's very long history of being in the cycling industry and how Penn Cycle started. 


November 5 - The Dirt with Drew Edsall. "Periodization"  Drew is back! Ben and Drew catch up and give new listeners a little background about Drew. Drew then leads a very informative discussion about periodization. Listen in to find out what periodization is, different types, and how you can apply them to your training.


November 4 - Just Riding Along. "Intensive Purposes"  Andrea discusses running, they chat about some more cyclocross racing, and then get into a good discussion about wheel/rim options when responding to a listener email. If you've been thinking about your wheel selection for next year and deciding whether you should go alloy or carbon and what are your alloy options. You also get some bonus bottom bracket talk at the end of the show.


November 3 - The Apex Nutrition Podcast. "Packables"  Kelli gives you tips on packing your ride nutrition. Do you ever get annoyed at carrying your nutrition on the bike? Listen in for some thoughts on making it easy. 


November 2 - The Being Dad Show. "Episode 1 - The Introduction"  Welcome to the first episode of The Being Dad Show. I share thoughts about the new show and give an intro of the show and myself. I share a previously unreleased interview that Scott of Athleteonfire.com and I did back in January. Listen in and get an idea of your host and what you can expect from the show.


October 30 - The Big Livers Podcast. "Pumpkin Beers"  The Big Livers give a nod to fall and taste three different pumpkin beers. Listen in as the get the courage to try out some liquid pumpkin goodness (or not-so-goodness....). They try the O'Fallon Pumpkin Beer, Sam Adams Harvest Pumpkin Ale, and the Horny Goat Brewing HornyCopia.


October 30 - Carrie Cheadle's Mental Skills Training. "Coming Back After a Long Layoff"  Expert mental skills coach, Carrie Cheadle, gives you advice on challenges you may face after an extended layoff. If you've taken time off because of an injury, illness, career, family, or you were just burned out, it may be hard to come back and manage the expectations that come with it. Carrie can help - listen in now!


October 29 - Bikepacker Radio. "Welcome to a New Co-Host"  Neil is back after two months off! He welcomes new co-host, Michael Ackerman, to the show. They start off with an intro of Michael and then dive right into bikepacking talk. Listen in for updates from Neil's time at Interbike and Outerbike, which includes discussion about bikes, packs, tires, and other new goods. 


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