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January 22 - Out of Step. "Episode One - Introduction"  Welcome to the first episode of the Out of Step Podcast. Kyle and John introduce themselves and the show, dive right into their knowledgeable music discussion, and wrap it up with some bike talk. 


January 22 - Bike Life in Swedish Lapland. "How to Kill a Moose"  Olov and Lars are back after an extended holiday break. They get caught up on what life is like in Northern Sweden. They chat about fatbiking, an upcoming race, moose, and future plans to gather people for a full fatbike gathering. 


January 21 - Just Riding Along. "My Junk on Your Wheels"  Trail work, bad forks, chains, tater tots, and more. That's all you need to know. Want more? Listen. 


January 20 - The MTB Strength Coach Podcast. "Skills Training"  In the fifth and last part of his "5 Fundamental Elements of a Mountain Bike Training Program" podcast series, James explains how you can build a foundation of skills. He explains how, by improving skills, you can avoid the frustration that comes with not being able to consistently improve your skills on the trail. If you've been struggling to take things to the next level, you may just need this advice!


January 16 - The LW Coaching Show. "Interval Series, #4: VO2 Max Intervals"  This is the fourth episode of a series of episodes titled "Intervals for Mountain Bikers." In this episode, Lynda discusses VO2 max intervals. You'll get the what, why, when, and how of VO2 max intervals. Use all of your interval knowledge from the previous three episodes and amp up your intervals with some hard VO2 max efforts. If you've been reading about VO2 max and trying to make sense of how it applies to you, have a listen. 


January 15 - Just Riding Along. "Shit Just Got Real"  "I'm not that picky about my bikes" - Matt. The JRA crew discusses riding in cold, puke and digestion issues while riding a training, 27.5+/29+, axle standards, posting on the internet, Russian dash cams, and more in between.


January 14 - Trail Cast. "Episode One - Introduction"  Welcome to the first episode of Trail Cast! In this episode, Drew, the host, gives you an idea of who he is, what the show is, and what the show will include going forward. In future episodes, you can expect to hear all aspects of trails, including building, maintenance, advocacy, as well as some equipment discussion and interviews with those involved with the world of mountain biking. 


January 9 - The Apex Nutrition Podcast. "New Year's Habit"  Kelli Jennings brings you some things to think about if you'd like to turn your New Year's resolutions into New Year's habits. Kelli has worked with 1000's of clients over the years and for 2015 she has documented what she knows about client resolutions, goals, and habits. She offers up five tips to help you develop New Year's habits instead of the same old New Year's resolutions.


January 8 - The Big Livers Podcast. "Wife's Choice - Part 2"  This episode is the second part of a two-part series in which the Big Livers gang asked their wives to pick out random beers for them to try. In the first part of the series, the guys tasted two beers worth a try and one that is not recommended. In this episode, they try Great Divide Brewing Co Lasso IPA, New Belgium Brewing Accumulation Ale White IPA, and Omme Gang Brewery Rare Vos Amber Ale. 


January 7 - The Drunkcyclist Podcast. "Beer Maps, 2014 & 2015, and Stuff"  D2 and 40 Hands are able to sit down and focus long enough to bring you an actual episode filled with (somewhat) thoughtful discussion about what they've been up to lately. What's with the Drunkcyclist Beer Map? Get a teaser of the interview in the next episode. Listen to some of the good and bad of 2014 and what's coming up for 2015. Fatbikes and hockey are mentioned.


January 6 - Just Riding Along. "Super-D Soapbox"  Matt breaks out in tears after he gets word that his helicopter will be arriving late. The gang chats about dirtbikes and atvs. Andrea gets on her soapbox about a mountain biker suing a race director over a dangerous section of a super-D course. Listener questions and plenty more in between.


January 5 - Inside Mountain Bike Radio. "Christopher Kelly of Nourish Balance Thrive"  Christopher Kelly of Nourish Balance Thrive joins the show to share his story and provide listeners with an understanding of how he can help. Christopher had trained and ate himself into an unhealthy life. The constant training and poor diet left him facing the choice of either medication and surgery or taking matters into his own hands and making significant changes.


December 31 - MTB Strength Coach Podcast. "Endurance Training"  MTB Strength Coach, James Wilson, is back with another piece of the five essential elements of a mountain bike training program - endurance. In this episode, he gives listeners some important information to consider when developing, improving, and maintaining endurance as it relates to mountain biking. 


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