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August 28 - The LW Coaching Show. "Intervals for Mountain Bikers"  In this episode of The LW Coaching Show, Lynda kicks off a series of episodes discussing intervals for mountain bikers. She sets up some of the basics of intervals, including why you need to do intervals, the heirarchy of the best place to do your intervals, and what's with the myth of training 50% road bike and 50% mountain bike.


August 27 - Bike Life in Swedish Lapland. "Arctic Adventure"  Olov and The Lars check in from about 200km from the Arctic Circle with friends Kevin and Fredrik. They record this podcast after the second day of a several day trip in an area in Northern Sweden. The guys discuss the fantastic trails, beautiful area, and lack of other people, in a fun episode.


August 26 - Carrie Cheadle's Mental Training Tips. "Don't Get Psyched Out by the Competition"  Do you compare yourself to others? Does it affect your performance negatively? Carrie answers a fan's question about sizing yourself up against your competition. She shares some practical tips to turn your comparisons into positive energy.


August 25 - Bikepacker Radio. "2014 Colorado Trail Race Special"  A huge thanks to Neil Beltchenko and Lindsay Arne, owners of Bikepackers Magazine, and fellow bikepacker Michael Ackerman, who hooked us up with great interviews with finishers of the Colorado Trail Race. Click to hear interviews with Neil himself as he discusses his win, as well as interviews by Michael of Mark Caminiti, Garrett Alexander, Karlos Rodriguez Bernart, John Pickron, and Kevin Porter. 


August 23 - The Last Aid Station. "The Munga"  The Munga is a groundbreaking 1000-kilometer race in South Africa on December 3-8, 2014 that is offering the largest prize purse in the history of mountain biking. Listen in as Mark chats with The Munga race director, Alex Harris, about the race, including, how the race came to be, how will it work, who could be coming out to race and more.


August 21 - Inside Mountain Bike Radio. "Urban Singletrack Project"  We were out on location on Monday, August 18th at Urban Steam Coffee in Colorado Springs, Colorado in support of the newly formed Urban Singletrack Project. Listen in to find out what the Urban Singletrack Project is, who benefits from it, who supports it, and what riders think.


August 19 - Just Riding Along. "E - pisode"  Wow. The e-bike discussion continues to heat up. In this episode, the crew discusses listener comments about last week's e-bike rant. Then they respond to listener questions about bike and component upgrading and handlebars for long gravel races. 


August 18 - The Last Aid Station. "August 18 Race Update"  The Last Aid Station episodes continue to get better each show! In this episode Mark shares several race reports, including Ore to Shore, Leadville 100, Wilderness 101, ORAMM, and Big Bear Grizzly. Mark also interviews singlespeeder and current NUE overall singlespeed contender, Gordon Wadsworth. 


August 16 - The Apex Nutrition Podcast. "5 Real Foods for Recovering from Injury"  Kelli gives you another great episode filled with great tips. In this episode, Kelli shares five real foods that can help aid your recovery from injury. If you've been on the sidelines, itching to get back to 100%, give this show a listen. (These foods can help people who aren't injured too!)


August 15 - The Big Livers Podcast. "Cigar City Brewing"  The Big Livers check in with a tasting of two of Cigar City Brewing's beers - Jai Alai Pale Ale and Invasion Pale Ale. The guys give you the usual They also give you a rundown of what to look for in upcoming shows.


August 14 - Bike Life in Swedish Lapland Podcast. "Summer Vacation"  Olov and The Lars are back after a little time off! In this episode the guys chat about what's new, talk about bikes they like/have/want, and more. Listen in to the show that is straight from Sweden!


August 13 - MTB Strength Coach Podcast. "Forging the Blade vs Sharpening the Edge"  In this new episode of the MTB Strength Coach Podcast, James looks at three areas that you can apply the philosophy of when to "forge the blade" and when to "sharpen the edge." 


August 12 - Just Riding Along. "Challenge and Change"  Matt kicks in a rant about the use of e-bikes on mountain bike trails to start the show. It's a great point about the possibility of ruining access for all mountain bikers....that discussion is sure to be continued. The crew also discusses listener questions, including the bike to buy on a budget, and much more!


August 11 - The Drunkcyclist Podcast. "Calf Lube"  Just when you thought they finally went away....they come back for more! They discuss Denmark cycling infrastructure, how much the Leadville 100 sucks, the Breck E#@%, cyclocross sucking, legal and illegal drugs and porn, and even a dose of hockey. What are "Euro Miles" and "Calf Lube"?


August 4 - Just Riding Along. "Progressivity"  This episode is another list-filled show sure to inform and entertain you. The gang covers a good range of new topics - Ikon vs. Ardent Race, riding with a new rider, a little bit of World Cup and plenty more. And....let's get Matt a full suspension 29er to race soon! Have a listen. Now. 


August 1 - Bikepacker Radio. "Summer Update"  Neil is back with an update of Bikepackers Magazine. He recaps the coverage that you'll find on Bikepackersmagazine.com about Trans Am Bike Race and the Tour Divide. He also gives some updates of things to watch on the site, including a site redesign. These are busy and exciting times for Bikepackers Magazine, so listen in.


July 31 - Inside Mountain Bike Radio. "Skirts in the Dirt Mountain Bike Race"  Founders of the Skirts in the Dirt mountain bike race join the show to give listeners an idea of what the race is all about. The race is a benefit for the West Michigan Mountain Biking Alliance. Listen in for a fun discussion with two passionate mountain bikers!

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