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September 2 - Just Riding Along. "Double Episode: Old School & Matt Ditches"  You're lucky! Two shows in a row with a double dose of Just Riding Along. This time, listeners go back in time in the first episode and then get a lot of brake talk in the second.


September 1 - Out of Step. "Episode 5 - Turning Twenty"  John and Kyle bring you the fifth episode filled with punk news and information. As usual, their knowledgeable and passionate approach keep you wanting to listen, even if you're not the world's largest punk fan. Listen in to the only podcast out there that combines music and mountain biking. 


August 28 - Youth Movement. "Episode Two - Kid Bike Options"  Jeff and Jake discuss one of the most important parts of getting more kids on bikes - the bike. They offer up several good options in several price ranges to get you (and your children) thinking about the best options. If you don't know where to start for your kid's next bike, have a listen to this episode.


August 26 - The Last Aid Station. "High Cascades 100 & Big Bear Grizzly 100"  The NUE season marches on and Mark is in the groove as he brings you in-depth race recaps of the High Cascades 100 and the Big Bear Grizzly 100. Listen in to get play-by-play details of each of the races. You'll hear information about each race that you won't find in any other reports.


August 21 - Apex Nutrition Podcast. "5 Delicious Summer Hydrators & Top Workout Hydration Tips"  Summer isn't over and Kelli makes sure you're drinking. Listen in as Kelli recaps a very popular blog post and shares her thoughts on some outside-the-box drink options and gives you some hydration tips.


August 20 - Just Riding Along. "Double Dose"  There has been a lot going on in the world of Just Riding Along and they've recorded a ton of good stuff. You benefit from all this work because you get two episodes of JRA.


August 19 - A Girl Who Rides. "Skirts in the Dirt"  Andrea interviews three women about the Skirts in the Dirt Mountain Bike Race. She talks with one of the race organizers, Jill Martindale, as well as two first-timers from last year's race, Rolanda and Kristen.


August 17 - A Girl Who Rides: Short Stories. "Excuses of a Mountain Biker"  Andrea is tired of saying "sorry" and tired of sucking at climbs and decides to do something about it.


August 9-14 - Just Riding Along Special. "2015 Breck Epic"  The 2015 Breck Epic is in full swing in the middle of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Andrea is racing and Matt did some reporting. Listen in below for several interviews during the 6-stage race.


August 6 - Youth Movement. "Introduction Episode"  Welcome to Youth Movement. Hosts Jeff and Jacob introduce the show and themselves and chat about somethings happening in the world of youth mountain biking.


August 5 - The Last Aid Station. "Wilderness 101"  Mark brings you an in-depth race recap of the Wilderness 101. Listen in to get play-by-play info about how the race went down. If you raced the 101 in the past, this year, or are thinking about doing it next year, this is your episode.


August 4 - Just Riding Along. "Kenny Made It!"  JRA is back together in the same recording location. Kenny has traveled to Colorado and they have been having a good time. They take some time to catch up on what they've been doing since Kenny arrived and then take on some listener questions.


July 30 - Apex Nutrition Podcast. "Does Alcohol Affect You?"  Kelli shares some information about alcohol. Have you ever wondered how alcohol affects your riding, training, racing, recovery, weight loss, or general wellness? Kelli gives you some answers. Do you like your beer so much that you can't give it up? Don't fret, it's not the end of the world. Listen in to find out what Kelli has to say about bikes and alcohol.


July 29 - Inside Mountain Bike Radio. "Trail Genius"  Jason and Chris of Trail Genius join the show to share information about their unique company. They've always been dabbling with interactive videos and web content and then took it to the next level over the last several years. Now, Trail Genius is mapping events such as the Leadville 100 and the Chequamegon 40 and mapping unique areas such as Peninsula State Park in Wisconsin for visitor bureaus. Listen in to hear all about the site and get some behind the scenes stories about building a fun and unique business.


July 28 - The Last Aid Station. "Todd Wells"  Mark is joined by a very special guest. Todd Wells is one of the best US mountain bikers in history. He is a 4x USAC Marathon Mtb National Champion, 4x USAC Short Track Mtb National Champion, 3x USAC Cross Country Mtb National Champion, 3x USAC Cyclocross National Champion, 2x Collegiate National Champion, 2x Leadville 100 winner, and much more. Mark interviews Todd and they discuss his career - past, current, and future.


July 28 - Just Riding Along. "High"  They don't have any guests this week....but they get into several listener questions, Matt rants about high drivers and customers, and you get a dropper post discussion. Matt thinks he's going to be a podcast rockstar.

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