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May 27 - Just Riding Along. "Buzzzzzz"  Matt and Andrea get you a quickie episode. Moab is the new Syllamo indeed. There is stuff in this episode and you should listen.


May 26 - The Last Aid Station. "May Update"  While the weather has been cancelling many events throughout the country, the season is in full swing and racers are in the groove. Listen in as Mark gets you updates of the Gravelleur's Raid, USAC Marathon Nationals, PMBAR, Whiskey Off Road, and the Skyway Epic.


May 19 - Inside MBR. "Rick Plite and Scott TenCate - Barry Roubaix, Lumberjack 100, and Fargo Sub-48"  Rick Plite and Scott TenCate join the show to discuss the very popular Barry Roubaix Killer Gravel Road Race, the upcoming Lumberjack 100, and their new Fargo Sub-48 bikepacking adventure. It's a great look behind the scenes of the events and gives listeners an appreciation of the race director perspective.


May 18 - Just Riding Along. "GDFR"  Andrea, Matt, and Kenny crank out a huge episode. Catching up, questions, technical issues, Matt complaining, and all the usual complaining and bantering fill up your ears.


May 16 - Inside MBR. "Todd Sadow of Epic Rides"  Todd Sadow joins the show to discuss Epic Rides. He shares information about the recent Whiskey Off Road in Prescott, Arizona that was April 24-26, and he gets listeners up-to-date on the status and future of Epic Rides, including a mini-announcement about some big future growth. Then Todd gives listeners a full rundown about the upcoming Grand Junction Off Road in Grand Junction, Colorado on May 29-31. He also gives listeners $10 of registration! Listen in to find out how to save.


May 12 - Just Riding Along. "Special Episode - Scott Enduro Cup"  Andrea brings you a special in-between episode of JRA. She's on location at the Scott Enduro Cup in Moab, Utah. After a successful race (Andrea finished 2nd in the Expert Women 30+ by seconds), she chats with the Pro Women's winner, Katie Compton (who raced on a Trek Superfly 100), Pro Women's 5th place finisher, Syd Schulz, and Pro Men's winner, Macky Franklin. She wraps up the special episode with Expert Women's winner, Gina Jane, and Amateur winner, Zephyr Sylvester.


May 11 - Inside MBR. "Carrie Cheadle - Plan B"  If you're no stranger to Mountain Bike Radio, you'll recognize Carrie Cheadle. She has done a show on Mountain Bike Radio with tips on mental skills training and offered listeners some great insight into improving their riding and life in general. In this episode Carrie joins host, Ben, to catch up and discuss thoughts on how to approach a situation where life gives you a less-than-perfect-situation and you're forced to execute "Plan B."


May 10 - Girls & Gears. "VIDA MTB Series"  Danielle interviews Sarah Rawley and Elena Forchielli of the VIDA MTB Series. They discuss the series, as well as women's cycling in general, and how the series fits in with the needs and concerns of woman mountain bikers.


May 7 - The Drunk Cyclist Podcast. "Cosmo Catalano of Cyclocosm.com"  D2 and 40 Hands finally validate their usefulness as podcasters! They're joined by guest, Cosmo Catalano, who is the man behind the popular website, Cyclocosm.com. This episode includes some great conversation that lets people behind the scenes of running a cycling website. Listen in to hear thoughts about current cycling coverage, what they'd like to see, and how it should be done.


May 6 - Just Riding Along. "Mayo & Swiss Rolls"  "Do you know what I would do if someone dropped me off at 38 mph? I'd promptly do 37 mph." - Kenny. Matt gets rowdy on the Colorado Front Range. The gang catches up on the latest happenings and takes a break on questions. Listen in as they discuss latest rides and a bunch of other random nuggets.


May 1 - The Last Aid Station. "National Ultra Endurance (NUE) Series Race #2 - Cohutta 100"  Mark brings you a standalone episode dedicated the last weekend's Cohutta 100 and the shorter Big Frog 65. He was in attendance for the race weekend and gained a true insider look at the action. Listen in for in-depth coverage on how the races unfolded, including tactics, strategies, and moves throughout the race by several racers that lead to the final results.


April 29 - Girls & Gears. "Andrea Cohen"  Danielle Musto is back in the house! She interviews Salsa Cycles rider, Andrea Cohen, about her life of riding and racing bikes in gravel events. Andrea only started riding within the last five years after having a Jimmy Johns bike delivery job. Since then she has ridden in Trans Iowa four times, with a finish in 2013. She has also been successful at the Dirty Kanza 200. Andrea also chats about her future in mountain biking. Listen in to hear a good discussion of two successful women of cycling. 


April 28 - Just Riding Along. "Moab is the new Syllamo"  Your place to learn about stairs, Moab, and plus-size bikes, and hear screaming teenagers.


April 23 - The Last Aid Station. "Pisgah Stage Race Report & Thomas Turner"  Mark provides the most in-depth stage race report you'll find anywhere. Listen in as he recaps the recent Pisgah Stage Race in North Carolina. You'll hear all the details, including how the race unfolded, racer strategies, weather issues, and other stories. Mark then interviews the men's race winner, Thomas Turner.


April 22 - Chain Grime. "One Ring to Rule Them All"  Dusty, Brian, and Jeff are getting into their groove. In this episode, the guys cover a full range of topics including some gravity racing news, road racing discussion, and they chat about interviews they'd like to do with Lance Armstrong, Floyd Landis, Greg Lemond, Steve Peat, Rob Warner, and others. Dusty apparently likes Lord of the Rings and Brian talks about Shimano XTR DI2. They wrap up the episode by discussing a listener email and how to find a high school mountain biking team.


April 21 - Trail Cast. "Moving Dirt & Ed Kessler of Ptarmigan Ptrails"  If you've been following along with Drew's how-to series about building trails, you've probably been waiting for this one - the actual building. Drew discusses corridor size and considerations, inslope turns and switchbacks, rock armoring, and elevated trail tread. Drew also interviews Ed Kessler, Co-Owner of Ptarmigan Ptrails. They discuss various topics about trailbuilding and give listeners some great insight into the thoughts and processes that go into building trails in various areas and situations.


April 16 - Just Riding Along. "Remote"  Matt and Andrea are quickly realizing that Colorado is all uphill. Kenny is still on flat land. They spend half of the show talking about road bikes, cars, and some other things and a little bit about some gearing options. The gang does answer two listener questions - one about 3" wide tires and the other about bike options similar to a Santa Cruz 5010. Bonus: Matt meets nice older ladies.


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