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December 21 - The Dirt with Drew Edsall. "Cadence"  Drew Edsall discusses the ins and outs of cadence and gives you a lot of information about cadence that you won't find or hear elsewhere. Is 85-95rpms the best? What is the best cadence for you? What is the best cadence for mountain biking? Listen in as Drew will get you going in the right direction....and fast!


December 19 - Inside MBR. "Finding the Meaning of XXC"  This episode is a little something different. Ben turns a post he did for XXC Magazine in 2011 into audio. In it, he shares the story of his reflection on a race experience in Arizona in December of 2011 that reminded him of the meaning of XXC and endurance to him, both then and now.


December 18 - Riding Gravel Radio Ranch. "Bobby Wintle of the Land Run 100"  The second episode of the Riding Gravel Radio Ranch is one for the ages! Guitar Ted and Ben are joined by Bobby Wintle, who is the owner of District Bicycles in Stillwater, Oklahoma and the director of the very popular Land Run 100. They start off the episode with a recap of what has been happening behind the scenes of Riding Gravel since the announcement of the merger and then get into a lengthy discussion with Bobby about a full range of topics.


December 17 - Just Riding Along. "Sex on Rails"  Andrea, Matt, and Kenny continue on with another information-packed episode. What can you expect in this episode? Drunken nakedness. Well, not really, but you get to hear the weird things Matt thinks about in the shower. Also, hear about what's up with Andrea's poor dog. Kenny admits to being a loose cannon and discusses his special Kenny-hacking ways with his hubs and wheels - did you know a hub pawl weighs 1 gram?


December 16 - Inside Mountain Bike Radio. "Kids on Bikes"  Nikki McComsey and Daniel Byrd of Kids on Bikes join the show to discuss the organization, including the history, past and current projects, the current matching fundraising campaign, and how they help support and transform kids' lives through bikes.  


December 15 - MTB Strength Coach Podcast. "Speed Training"  The third part of the five-part series of MTB Strength Coach's essential elements of mountain bike training overview is a discussion about speed training. 


December 14 - Being Dad Show. "Episode 3: Teaching and Feeding Your Kids"  In this mega episode of The Being Dad Show, Ben shares ten things that he would like to teach his kids. You'll also hear a clip from Scott at Athlete on Fire in which he shares his ten things that he wants to teach his kids and a full discussion with Kelli at Apex Nutrition about how to better feed your kids. 


December 9 - Just Riding Along. "Petting Dogs"  One of the best Just Riding Along episodes the crew has done. It involves plenty of Makers Mark. Listen to hear what happens. Brought to you by whisky.


December 7 - Bikepacker Radio. "Fatbike Fun"  Neil and Michael discuss the hot topic of the season - fatbikes! Saturday, December 6th was Global Fatbike Day and everyone has fatbikes on their mind! The guys chat about their experiences, different models, suspension, and more. 


December 4 - The Last Aid Station. "Part Two - Season End Report" In the second part, Mark recaps La Ruta, the Crocodile Trophy, Moab Rocks Stage Race, 24 Hour Australian National Championship, and interviews the men's NUE 50+ champ, Roger Masse. 


December 3 - Just Riding Along. "BMX Whips"  The JRA gang continues to bring the great shows. In this episode they discuss BMX, what they think of the current trend of road bike tricks, cranksets, mud at Dirt, Sweat, and Gears, how drunk and beat up Matt got, and Andrea asks about baggies.


November 29 - MBR Special. "Why Mountain Bikers Are the Most Fanatical" Greg Heil, the Editor in Chief of Singletracks.com, gives listeners an awesome special episode on MBR! He reads a recent post he wrote on Singletracks.com called "Why Mountain Bikers Are the Most Fanatical." If you find your mind wandering toward mountain biking at random times, you may be one of the fanatics. Listen to find out why mountain biking is not a hobby, but an actual lifestyle.


November 28 - Inside Mountain Bike Radio. "Vic Armijo - 24 Hour World Championship"  Vic Armijo is the director of the 2015 World Solo 24 Hour World Championship in Weaverville, California in October. He joins the show to give listeners all the details about the upcoming world championship race and also shares a little about himself and his race production company, Team Bigfoot.


November 27 - The Big Livers Podcast. "Two Brothers Brewing Company"  The Big Livers test out three beers from the Two Brothers Brewing Company from Warrenville, Illinois. Listen in to get an Big Livers honest tasting of the Cane and Ebel, Prairie Path Golden Ale, and Ebel's Weiss.


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