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August 4 - Just Riding Along. "Kenny Made It!"  JRA is back together in the same recording location. Kenny has traveled to Colorado and they have been having a good time. They take some time to catch up on what they've been doing since Kenny arrived and then take on some listener questions.


July 30 - Apex Nutrition Podcast. "Does Alcohol Affect You?"  Kelli shares some information about alcohol. Have you ever wondered how alcohol affects your riding, training, racing, recovery, weight loss, or general wellness? Kelli gives you some answers. Do you like your beer so much that you can't give it up? Don't fret, it's not the end of the world. Listen in to find out what Kelli has to say about bikes and alcohol.


July 29 - Inside Mountain Bike Radio. "Trail Genius"  Jason and Chris of Trail Genius join the show to share information about their unique company. They've always been dabbling with interactive videos and web content and then took it to the next level over the last several years. Now, Trail Genius is mapping events such as the Leadville 100 and the Chequamegon 40 and mapping unique areas such as Peninsula State Park in Wisconsin for visitor bureaus. Listen in to hear all about the site and get some behind the scenes stories about building a fun and unique business.


July 28 - The Last Aid Station. "Todd Wells"  Mark is joined by a very special guest. Todd Wells is one of the best US mountain bikers in history. He is a 4x USAC Marathon Mtb National Champion, 4x USAC Short Track Mtb National Champion, 3x USAC Cross Country Mtb National Champion, 3x USAC Cyclocross National Champion, 2x Collegiate National Champion, 2x Leadville 100 winner, and much more. Mark interviews Todd and they discuss his career - past, current, and future.


July 28 - Just Riding Along. "High"  They don't have any guests this week....but they get into several listener questions, Matt rants about high drivers and customers, and you get a dropper post discussion. Matt thinks he's going to be a podcast rockstar.


July 22 - Just Riding Along. "Steve Domahidy"  Special guest, Steve Domahidy, joins the crew in house and brings a great mix of knowledge and goofiness. Steve was a co-founder of Niner Bikes and is the owner of his own brand, Domahidy Designs. Domahidy is a boutique bicycle company making titanium and steel mountain bikes and carbon road bikes. Listen in as Andrea, Kenny, and Matt answer listener questions, ask Steve questions, and generally just hang out.


July 21 - The Last Aid Station. "Tatanka 100"  Mark brings you in-depth coverage of the 6th race of the 2015 National Ultra Endurance Series, the Tatanka 100. The Tatanka was Saturday, July 11 in Sturgis, South Dakota. The course followed the Centennial Trail from Mount Rushmore to Sturgis and proved to be one of the toughest races of the series. Listen in to hear how it unfolded.


July 20 - A Girl Who Rides: Short Stories. "Deer Ramblings"  Andrea encounters a large deer and lives to tell about it.


July 17 - The Big Livers Podcast. "Surly Brewing"  The guys receive a Surly Brewing care package from long-time MBR listener, Frank from Minnesota. The taste four beers from Surly - the Doomtree, Furious, Bender, and Coffee Bender. The Big Livers approve of three of them and the other is an acquired taste. Listen in as they drink, taste, and talk about whatever comes to mind.


July 16 - A Girl Who Rides. "Show & Host Intro"  Host Andrea Pirkey joins Mountain Bike Radio creator, Ben Welnak, to talk about the show, her background, and what she plans to bring to the show. We hope that you enjoy the start of this new and long-awaited addition to Mountain Bike Radio.


July 15 - Just Riding Along. "Amanda Batty"  Amanda Batty joins the show to chat along with Andrea, Matt, and Kenny. It's a conversation full of many topics, interview questions, opinions, and f-bombs. E-bikes even sneak their way into this episode too and you can probably guess how that goes.


July 9 - The Last Aid Station. "Brenda & Lee Simril"  Mark interviews Brenda and Lee Simril of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Brenda was the 2014 Women's Overall National Ultra Endurance Series Champion and is the current overall women's series leader after a great race at the Bailey Hundo. Brenda and Lee Simril are two of the most consistent and experienced 100-mile mountain bike racers in the country. In this episode, they provide some great insight into being endurance athletes and tackling endurance mountain bike races.


July 9 - Trail Cast. "Risk Management & TWRA "High-Impact" User Fee"  How liable are you for trails you build? Whats the best way to cover your Assetts when it comes to someone getting hurt? How can you keep people from getting hurt on your trails? Listen in to find out the answers to those questions. Also, hear how the Tennessee Wildlife Resouce Agency is losing its collective mind by implementing a "high-impact" user fee.


July 8 - Just Riding Along. "It's All About The Matt"  Matt takes over the episode and you hear him talking about everything he has going...blah, blah, blah. If you're not sure, Matt purchased a new bike. Kenny loves the new Cannondale Slate.


July 7 - Inside MBR. "Sven Cole - 24 Hours of Great Glen"  Sven Cole has ridden the 24 Hours of Great Glen 18 of the last 19 years and will make this his 19th year. He joins the show to share thoughts and stories about what he has learned and experienced over the history of the race.


July 2 - Just Riding Along. "Grease Nipples"  The JRA gang gets back after a little time off. They dig right into the questions before Matt cries himself to sleep about going off course during his latest race in Winter Park. Andrea won in Winter Park and Kenny descends Clingman's Dome very quickly. Matt plays extra special Debbie-downer in this episode.


July 1 - Bikepacker Radio. "The Rider and The Wolf"  Michael interviews Nathan Ward of Grit and Thistle Film Company about their new film, The Rider & The Wolf. The movie documents the life, achievements, and mysterious disappearance of 1991 Mountain Bike Hall of Fame inductee, Mike Rust. In this short interview, they discuss the motivation behind the film, as well as the ups and downs of creating a unique mountain biking movie.


June 29 - The Last Aid Station.  "The Bailey Hundo and Lumberjack 100"  Mark brings you a full recap of the latest National Ultra Endurance Series races. The Bailey Hundo and Lumberjack 100 are two very popular races on the NUE Series. Both races were held on Saturday, June 18th - The Bailey Hundo in Colorado and the Lumberjack 100 in Michigan. Listen in to find out how the races went down.


June 26 - The Drunkcyclist Podcast. "Ernest Gagnon"  D2 and 40 Hands crank out their best podcast. It's a must listen. They have a surprisingly open and honest discussion with Ernest Gagnon. Ernest has gone from 570 pounds down to 305 pounds by getting on his bike. He has gone through and continues to face struggles to keep things motivation in the right direction. Ernest shares his story and gives listeners a behind-the-scenes look into what it's like to battle back against health and mental struggles.


June 23 - Out of Step. "The R in the Star"  John and Kyle are back after some life happenings and equipment upgrades. They fill your ears with talk about hardcore punk. Listen in to hear a ton of news and reviews of several different bands, albums, and songs.


June 19 - Bikepacker Radio. "June Update"  Neil and Michael get caught up on their recent happenings, including a recap of Neil's winning Stagecoach 400 effort. Then the guys discuss Neil's 2015 Tour Divide attempt, which he is currently on, and chat about several other bikepacking routes. They also give listeners the inside scoop on the gear they both plan to carry for their upcoming events.


June 18 - Big Livers Podcast. "Asian Beer"  The Big Livers check out some Asian beer. Listen in as they taste and give their opinions of the Kirin Ichiban, Sapporo Premium, and Tsing Tao. Wondering what have been (or haven't been) missing in Asian beers? The guys do the work for you.


June 17 - Just Riding Along. "Pike"  Matt is drooling over his new Pike. Listen to hear about Matt's new Pike fork and some good upgrades to do to a listeners Cannondale Trigger. Do you pee all over the toilet and floor?


June 16 - Trail Cast. "Episode Seven - Update"  This episode is an update on life happenings and why you haven't heard from him in so long. He demonstrates some additional considerations for trail proposals and tells you about a new trail project, and how a community is coming together to support it.


June 10 - The LW Coaching Show. "Starting a 100-miler"  If you're in to endurance racing and specifically 100-milers, Lynda gives you some valuable information about getting off on the right pedal for your next 100-mile mountain bike radio. She gives you some tips and then lays out three different start scenarios that can help you whether you're at the very front or very back of the pack.


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