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March 31 - Just Riding Along. "Land Run 100 Special"  Matt and Andrea traveled to the Land Run 100 on March 14th in Stillwater, Oklahoma and enjoyed a great experience. They were able to talk with two of the Land Run's directors, Bobby Wintle and Jim Brewer, race winner Bryce Hylton, 4th place finisher Nate Beams, fixed gear finisher Thomas Adams, and last place finisher Griffin Radford.  


March 29 - Trail Cast. "Episode 5: Considerations, Tools & More"  There is a large difference between just building a trail and creating sweet singletrack. Listen in as Drew continues his trail building how-to series with some sustainable design considerations, tool recommendations and a few random tips thrown in. Flow trails and technical trails are discussed with a focus on dumbing down trails, and whether or not that problem really exists. There's also a little insight on why trail builders build trails.


March 28 - Apex Nutrition Podcast. "8 Life Changing Grocery Store Tips"  Kelli helps you navigate the 44,000 items in your typical grocery. Listen in as she shares 8 "life-changing" tips you can successfully utilize during your next trip to the grocery store. What should you dart to? Where should you spend most of your time? Could plain Fritos actually be a better option than something else? Check it out now and arm yourself for your next trip!


March 27 - Chain Grime. "Episode Three - They're Back"  Jeff, Dusty, and Brian get a reboot with this new episode. They get caught up on what's been going on and then cover a variety of topics, including listener questions, high school cycling, and kids mountain bikes. Listen in to hear from the guys while they hang out talking about bikes.


March 24 - Inside MBR. "Monarch Crest Enduro"  Keith Darner of Chocolate Bunny Productions joins the podcast to discuss the new 2015 Monarch Crest Enduro in Salida, Colorado on October 2nd-4th. The Monarch Crest Enduro (MCE) is a backcountry enduro in 5 stages with 14,000 feet of timed descending. All five stages start above 10,200 feet, with Stage 3 starting at 12,600 feet.


March 21 - Bikepacker Radio. "Outerbike"  Neil and Michael check in with a new episode on location from Outerbike in Moab, Utah from the Durango Bike Company booth. The guys have a couple guests, including Wendy from the Durango Bike Company. She offers up some really great explanation of the new Boost 148 rear spacing on their new bike, the Blackjack. The guys also chat with the guys from Connex about their tool-free and reusable quick link.


March 19 - The Last Aid Station. "True Grit Epic Report"  Mark brings you the first National Ultra Endurance Series report of the 2015 season! Listen in to get all the details about how the races went down in the desert in Utah at the True Grit Epic. Being an early season race, it's a great opportunity to get a sneak peak at who will be the strong riders in the first half of the 2015 NUE season. 


March 18 - Just Riding Along. "Pretty Hands"  The longest episode yet! Learn why Kenny wears a full face helmet. You'll also get information about seatpost clamping and keeping them from slipping both at the saddle clamp and the frame. Plus, listen to thoughts about full face helmets and helmets in general. If you are looking for discussions about wheels again, you should go find another podcast.


March 14 - The Apex Nutrition Podcast. "Caffeine, Caffeine Pills, and Performance"  Kelli has been doing a little experimenting on herself with caffeine and wants to share it with you. Have you ever felt that caffeine pills were a little weird when compared to drinking coffee? Is there an actual benefit of caffeine to begin with? Kelli wrote a full post on her blog here and she talks about it all in this podcast.


March 13 - The Last Aid Station. "2015 Season Opener"  Are you ready for the 2015 season?! Mark kicks off the season with updates of several team changes and in-depth results of some of the early season races. Mark also gets you up-to-date with some news on upcoming races, including the Patapsco 100, the World Challenge Series, True Grit Epic, and some NUE news. He also provides a special monologue about women in cycling by Barnabas Froystad. Listen in to get up to speed on the news and heat the results of the Attackwas Extreme MTB Marathon, 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo, and the Andalucia Bike Race.


March 11 - Just Riding Along. "Take Two"  This is a wheel-filled show. Listen in as Andrea, Matt, and Kenny dissect wheels, spoke count vs. rim material, brands, tires, and basically anything you need to know. If you have any questions about your next wheel purchase, you may want to check this out.


March 10 - Inside Mountain Bike Radio. "Ben Schreiber Discusses the Upcoming Cape Epic"  From March 15-22nd, 2015, Ben Schreiber and his LinearSport MTB/Trek teammate, Ryan Rollins, will be traveling to South Africa to compete in the largest, most grueling, multi-day stage mountain bike race in the world, The Absa Cape Epic. Ben joins the show to discuss the upcoming adventure and shares his cycling background and his thoughts about the trip.


March 6 - The Big Livers Podcast. "Scotch Ales"  Jeff, Jonesy, and Vedders test out four Scotch Ales in this episode. Listen in if you're looking for thoughts about the Équinoxe Du Printemps from Quebec, Oskar Blues Old Chub from Colorado, Grimm Ales Shapeshifter, and the Belhaven Brewery Wee Heavy from the UK.


March 4 - Just Riding Along. "McNugget Bandelero"  Kenny puked in his full face helmet once. 


March 4 - Apex Nutrition Podcast. "Vitamin D"  The winter rolls on and you're probably missing out on Vitamin D! Kelli gives you what you need to know about Vitamin D. Listen in to hear what Vitamin D does, who may be deficient, what you can do, and improve yourself today. She'll give you steps to maintain good levels and increase levels if necessary.  


March 3 - Trail Cast. "Trail How-To Continues & Updates" Drew continues his How to Get Started Building Series. In this episode, he focuses on the all-important proposal. Drew then answers a listener question about dealing with landowner restrictions and making improvements to existing trail systems. As always, he gives you an update about some trail work days and reminds listeners to consider trail conditions in different locations.


March 3 - Bike Life in Swedish Lapland. "With Guest Johanna Myrland"  Olov and Lars are checking in from Northern Sweden and this time with a guest! Local rider and founder of their local mountain bike club, Johanna Myrland, shares her interesting story of getting into downhill mountain biking and how she ended up in Luleå. Olov hints at an upcoming German fatbike that he'll be reviewing for Fat-bike.com and then they discuss the initial details of the the Swedish Lapland Bike Summit. 


March 1 - Just Riding Along. "Penetration Units"  Indy is on anaesthesia and wanders off, so he's joining the show. Since the weather has been craptastic so they've been laying low. Lucky for you, they spend nearly the entire episode answering listener questions. If you're wondering about their opinions about electronic controls, bike replacements, and more, listen in. If not, they'll probably have an opinion of where you can go...


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