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July 1 - Bikepacker Radio. "The Rider and The Wolf"  Michael interviews Nathan Ward of Grit and Thistle Film Company about their new film, The Rider & The Wolf. The movie documents the life, achievements, and mysterious disappearance of 1991 Mountain Bike Hall of Fame inductee, Mike Rust. In this short interview, they discuss the motivation behind the film, as well as the ups and downs of creating a unique mountain biking movie.


June 29 - The Last Aid Station.  "The Bailey Hundo and Lumberjack 100"  Mark brings you a full recap of the latest National Ultra Endurance Series races. The Bailey Hundo and Lumberjack 100 are two very popular races on the NUE Series. Both races were held on Saturday, June 18th - The Bailey Hundo in Colorado and the Lumberjack 100 in Michigan. Listen in to find out how the races went down.


June 26 - The Drunkcyclist Podcast. "Ernest Gagnon"  D2 and 40 Hands crank out their best podcast. It's a must listen. They have a surprisingly open and honest discussion with Ernest Gagnon. Ernest has gone from 570 pounds down to 305 pounds by getting on his bike. He has gone through and continues to face struggles to keep things motivation in the right direction. Ernest shares his story and gives listeners a behind-the-scenes look into what it's like to battle back against health and mental struggles.


June 23 - Out of Step. "The R in the Star"  John and Kyle are back after some life happenings and equipment upgrades. They fill your ears with talk about hardcore punk. Listen in to hear a ton of news and reviews of several different bands, albums, and songs.


June 19 - Bikepacker Radio. "June Update"  Neil and Michael get caught up on their recent happenings, including a recap of Neil's winning Stagecoach 400 effort. Then the guys discuss Neil's 2015 Tour Divide attempt, which he is currently on, and chat about several other bikepacking routes. They also give listeners the inside scoop on the gear they both plan to carry for their upcoming events.


June 18 - Big Livers Podcast. "Asian Beer"  The Big Livers check out some Asian beer. Listen in as they taste and give their opinions of the Kirin Ichiban, Sapporo Premium, and Tsing Tao. Wondering what have been (or haven't been) missing in Asian beers? The guys do the work for you.


June 17 - Just Riding Along. "Pike"  Matt is drooling over his new Pike. Listen to hear about Matt's new Pike fork and some good upgrades to do to a listeners Cannondale Trigger. Do you pee all over the toilet and floor?


June 16 - Trail Cast. "Episode Seven - Update"  This episode is an update on life happenings and why you haven't heard from him in so long. He demonstrates some additional considerations for trail proposals and tells you about a new trail project, and how a community is coming together to support it.


June 10 - The LW Coaching Show. "Starting a 100-miler"  If you're in to endurance racing and specifically 100-milers, Lynda gives you some valuable information about getting off on the right pedal for your next 100-mile mountain bike radio. She gives you some tips and then lays out three different start scenarios that can help you whether you're at the very front or very back of the pack.


June 9 - Just Riding Along. "Melons"  It's very safe to say that Matt doesn't like your wheels. Plus, a good discussion about retail practices in the bike world. Kenny definitely puts an end to the show this week too. If you've been jonesing for a Matt rant, you should listen.


June 7 - Apex Nutrition Podcast. "Nutrition Considerations for Over 50 Athletes"  Kelli offers up some practical nutrition advice for aging athlete. If you've been feeling a little off, not recovering like you'd like, or you'd like to keep up with the kids, have a listen. Kelli explains some special considerations for the 50+ crowd (they also work for you 30+ and 40+ athletes too!).


June 5 - Inside Mountain Bike Radio. "X100 Race"  The X100 director, John Kolarevic, joins the show to discuss this year's X100 on Saturday, August 29th in Traverse City, Michigan. He shares his experience, how the race came to be, and full information about the race. If you've been looking for a mountain bike race that offers a challenge, as well as a full event experience that offers something for everyone in a premier mountain biking and outdoors experience, listen in as John gives you all the details.


June 3 - The Last Aid Station. "Mohican 100"  This episode is a must listen if you like mountain bike racing because it's filled with mile-by-mile details! Mark gives you a first-hand account of the recent Mohican 100 in Loudonville, Ohio. Nearly 600 racers toed the line for the 100k and 100-milers and the action proved to be good as always. Listen in and get yourself pumped for your next race!


June 2 - Just Riding Along. "Chicken Nugget Tickers"  Matt tests out a 2016 Stumpjumper FSR Expert 29. Kenny vs. Tornadoes. Andrea goes to Moab....again.


May 27 - Just Riding Along. "Buzzzzzz"  Matt and Andrea get you a quickie episode. Moab is the new Syllamo indeed. There is stuff in this episode and you should listen.


May 26 - The Last Aid Station. "May Update"  While the weather has been cancelling many events throughout the country, the season is in full swing and racers are in the groove. Listen in as Mark gets you updates of the Gravelleur's Raid, USAC Marathon Nationals, PMBAR, Whiskey Off Road, and the Skyway Epic.


May 19 - Inside MBR. "Rick Plite and Scott TenCate - Barry Roubaix, Lumberjack 100, and Fargo Sub-48"  Rick Plite and Scott TenCate join the show to discuss the very popular Barry Roubaix Killer Gravel Road Race, the upcoming Lumberjack 100, and their new Fargo Sub-48 bikepacking adventure. It's a great look behind the scenes of the events and gives listeners an appreciation of the race director perspective.


May 18 - Just Riding Along. "GDFR"  Andrea, Matt, and Kenny crank out a huge episode. Catching up, questions, technical issues, Matt complaining, and all the usual complaining and bantering fill up your ears.


May 16 - Inside MBR. "Todd Sadow of Epic Rides"  Todd Sadow joins the show to discuss Epic Rides. He shares information about the recent Whiskey Off Road in Prescott, Arizona that was April 24-26, and he gets listeners up-to-date on the status and future of Epic Rides, including a mini-announcement about some big future growth. Then Todd gives listeners a full rundown about the upcoming Grand Junction Off Road in Grand Junction, Colorado on May 29-31. He also gives listeners $10 of registration! Listen in to find out how to save.


May 12 - Just Riding Along. "Special Episode - Scott Enduro Cup"  Andrea brings you a special in-between episode of JRA. She's on location at the Scott Enduro Cup in Moab, Utah. After a successful race (Andrea finished 2nd in the Expert Women 30+ by seconds), she chats with the Pro Women's winner, Katie Compton (who raced on a Trek Superfly 100), Pro Women's 5th place finisher, Syd Schulz, and Pro Men's winner, Macky Franklin. She wraps up the special episode with Expert Women's winner, Gina Jane, and Amateur winner, Zephyr Sylvester.


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