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"Just Riding Along," with Andrea, Full Face Kenny, and Pool Boy Matt is bike talk from educated and experienced bike mechanics. While it's based on mechanic talk, don't expect it to be kid-friendly, bland discussion about technical specifications.  Listeners are always welcome to call in to the live show to say "hey," ask questions about their old junker, new parts, Craigslist bike deal, or just talk about beer.


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Is There a Value to a McNugget?

October 22, 2014


Kenny makes questionable decisions, Matt keeps the 29+ discussion front and center, and the gang runs through this week's segments. You know that you really want to listen. If not, we're begging you.  

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Lula Lake Land Trust 5-Points 50

October 15, 2014


In this special on-site episode, Andrea catches up with Trisha Mims from the Lula Lake Land Trust, Michael Long, race director for SORBA Chattanooga, open winners Thomas Turner and Lisa Randall, and singlespeed 1st and 2nd place finishers, Gordon Wadsworth, Randy Kerr.

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October 14, 2014


This episode brings listeners another great, full show with discussion about everything from recommended cyclocross tires to carbon rims to Fox forks to more blabber from Matt about fatbikes, plus more. They start up a new show outline to bring their usual bike talk in a little more organized format. 

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Matt Wants to Ride a 29+

October 7, 2014


This episode is great...but only if you like discussion about bikes, components, 1x10, 1x11, 29+, and other bike stuff. Andrea kicks off the show by talking about her successful adventure race this past weekend in Maryland and then they launch into a full discussion about 29+ and a list of bike topics.

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It's Enduro, Bro

September 30, 2014


It was a long week at the Pisgah Stage Race and Matt is tired. In this episode, Kenny, Andrea, and Matt get caught up on some recent enduro racing, discuss a good listener's question, and discuss a common topic on MTBR.

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Pisgah Stage Race

September 23-27, 2014


Matt tackles the very challenging 2014 Pisgah Stage Race, which boasts 140 miles and 20,000+ feet of climbing in 5 stages in the Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina. Andrea is also along during the week for support. Listen in below for Matt's check in after each stage.

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Kenny is Creeped the F Out

September 15, 2014


Welcome back to a regular start of the week episode! It's a great episode! Why should you use tubeless setups? Power meters for carbon cranksets? Why would you drop at 70 miles into a 100-miler? Pisgah Stage Race? Arkansas Enduro? Hell yeah. It's all here and more.

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Fun Hurts

September 12, 2014


Matt and Andrea check in for a special mid-week episode. Andrea is back from her trip to Colorado and discusses the monster that is the Vapor Trail 125. They also answer a listener question, chat about Matt's upcoming race at the Pisgah Stage Race, and more.

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E - pisode

August 19, 2014


Wow. The e-bike discussion continues to heat up. In this episode, the crew discusses listener comments about last week's e-bike rant. Then they respond to listener questions about bike and component upgrading and handlebars for long gravel races. 

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Challenge and Change

August 12, 2014


Matt kicks in a rant about the use of e-bikes on mountain bike trails to start the show. It's a great point about the possibility of ruining access for all mountain bikers....that discussion is sure to be continued. The crew also discusses listener questions, including the bike to buy on a budget, and much more!


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August 4, 2014


This episode is another list-filled show sure to inform and entertain you. The gang covers a good range of new topics - road racing, Ikon vs. Ardent Race, riding with a new rider, a little bit of World Cup and plenty more. And....let's get Matt a full suspension 29er to race soon! Have a listen. Now. 


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Giant Show

July 28, 2014


Andrea and Matt tear it up in this episode with endless answers to great listener questions. What carbon wheels? Should you run a dropper post? Where do they stand on the new Salsa Spearfish? New Wolf Tooth Components color? What about the RockShox RS-1? Should you race a shitty bike?

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Da U.P.

July 21, 2014


After a week off, Andrea, Matt, and Kenny are back with a full episode, complete with discussions about recent trips, recent rides, tech, bikes, goods, and more. Matt has a couple small rants, Kenny is his usual self, and Andrea isn't crabby like when she was cutting weight for a fight.

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Matt Does Colorado

July 7, 2014


Matt shares stories about his recent trip to Colorado. He had the opportunity to demo some really sweet bikes, including a Borealis Echo with XX1, 29+ wheels, and a Bluto fork, as well as a Pivot Mach 6 with 27.5 wheels while he was at 92Fifty Cyclery. The crew also discusses some thoughts on being a sponsored rider.

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How Women Get Shafted

June 24, 2014


In this episode, Andrea points out a disturbing trend she noticed at the Mulberry Gap Women's Weekend - women seem to be riding bikes that have majoy issues, while, knowlingly, their husband/boyfriends do nothing about it. Also, the debate rages on about pressfit bottom brackets and more.

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Standard Show

June 16, 2014


In this episode of Just Riding Along, the crew discuss different and new "standards," including the new Trek Boost 148 hub and the Cannondale F-Si. Matt starts a rant, but Kenny cools him off while being devil's advocate. Andrea jumps in with a rant of her own. 

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Is This Thing On?

June 9, 2014


Andrea's legs are swollen. Listeners gears are grinding away their 1x11 setups. Will gels actually kill you? What the hell are in those gravity riders' backpacks?

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Dirty Kanza Win and More

June 3, 2014


Andrea discusses her successful Dirty Kanza 200 race this past weekend. Finishing 1st in the 39year old and under and 3rd overall, helping an injured riders, and fighting through some real heat issues, she has some good stories. Listen in to hear all about the course, the experience, the people, the tires, and more.

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Full Show and Watermelon

May 27, 2014


If you want to hear discussion about J.Paks Adventure Cycling Frame Bags, Talas, chainrings, Nino Schurter's World Cup bike, the Training Mask, and more. Andrea even talks about her intentions for getting into the ring. It's good....trust us.

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Cereal and Syllamos

May 19, 2014


This is a show full of race reporting from Matt and Kenny's race this weekend at Syllamo's Revenge. You'll hear everything from little details about the trail, technique, and clearing muddy hills, to what you should know about cleaning up after a muddy race.

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Meatloaf and Tires

May 12, 2014


This show is filled with a lot of tire talk. Ardents, is bigger better, and is there a place for midsized tires for road, dirt, and trails. Plus, the usual banter and Matt's f-bombs.

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May 5, 2014


Matt spends a good chunk of the episode drooling over his new Nox Composites wheels. If you think he's just kissing up to Nox, you haven't listened to the show.

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Andrea Discusses Her OGRE 150 Win and More

April 28, 2014


Andrea discusses her winning ride at the OGRE 150 gravel grinder in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri and then they discuss bad drivers.

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Rant On

April 22, 2014


After a week off, the JRA crew is back and in a feisty mood. This episode is brought to you by ProGold, margaritas, and ProGold again. Headsets, best rim ride quality, and a LOT more.

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Just Look At It

Photo by Icon Media Asheville

April 7, 2014


Have a bent or warped rotor? They'll give you some tips on what to do. They'll also discuss road BB7 brakes and how the 6 Hours of Warrior Creek went down for Andrea and Matt.

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JRA Brought to You by ProGold, Trolling the Pros, and ProGold Again


March 31, 2014


Welcome to another episode of Just Riding Along. This episode brought to you by ProGold, trolling the pros, and ProGold again. This is a fantastic episode if you've been considering going with a 1 x setup. The gang talks a lot about chainline, chainrings, gear ratios and a lot more.

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Zima and Jolly Ranchers


March 24, 2014


"It has an electronic lockout like the brain on Specialized, but reverse...so when it senses bumps, it locks out..so it's rigid when you want it.."


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Take the tire off and ride the rim - It'll be better


March 18, 2014


This is a great episode filled with discussion about a lot of different topics. They start out with Spa City discussion and then launch in to a lot of listener questions. Some bashing while everyone learns a little something - race talk, tech talk, questions, and more.

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Matt is doing WHAT with a Knard?


March 10, 2014


Matt is liking the Knard. What do you want as a race prize? My Racing Ralph tire knobs are coming off - what is wrong with them? Did you know that you can plug a radiator with eggs? Endless Cogs calls in to explain last week's question. Capes and vests, oh my.

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Krampus Hate


March 3, 2014


What do you do if your cog doesn't fit on the freehub? What to do with a pf30 bottom brackets? Did Matt change his mind on carbon wheels? Matt calls out Allen Lim.  Listen in.

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Iron Mountain MTB Endurance Race Report

February 24, 2014


Listen in to hear the crew talk about the Iron Mountain Mtb Endurance Race. If you've been stuck indoors all winter, looking out at a sub-zero thermometer covered in snow, this is your chance to get excited about the summer season to come.


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Serious Discussion

February 17, 2014


How much money do you think bike mechanics should make? Listen to the Just Riding Along crew discuss their thoughts about mechanic wages.

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Show Archive Catchup

February 9, 2014


Are you a frequent Just Riding Along archive listener and wondering where in the hell the shows have been? We're playing a little catch up. Click to go to a show page with FIVE past episodes of Just Riding Along!



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Blue Nipples and Used Sheets

January 28, 2014


Have you been thinking about changing up colors on your bike? What does the crew think about anodized parts - which should you do?


Have you heard of Cornhusker lotion?



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Matt Wants Used Cycling Gear?


January 8, 2014


"The last two inches just hang out," Matt describes his....

A Cannondale Scalpel without a lefty? What jacket is best in the cold?

Does Matt have a chance in hell in getting Andy Schleck's old clothes?



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The Road Bike Episode


December 16, 2013


Road tubeless, road discs recalls, and Andrea's custom ti Cysco Cycles road bike.


Here at Mountain Bike Radio HQ, we usually feel sick at the mention of road bikes, but I think we'll let it slide for this crew....but only if you listen.


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Four Roses Leads to Length Discussion

Photo credit: Your Bike Hates You


December 9, 2013


What's wrong with this week's bike submission? What's the update on Andrea's new Cysco Cycles titanium road bike?


What crank length should you be using?


Please listen. We're all kind of begging you, but not.



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Matt Starts on an Island by Himself


November 27, 2013


Matt is handed most people's worst nightmare....left to fend for himself at the last minute. Listen in find out how he handled it. A new segment is getting started and a possible name could be happening. Could it be "Where Did I Go Wrong?"


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November 18, 2013


What should you do during the off season? What can you learn on the Weight Weinie forum? How "gravely" is the Rouge Roubaix? What trails are worth the trip south of the Ohio River?


Plus more. Listen.



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Balls, Lights, and More

November 11, 2013


Kenny is gone so the world has gone dark. Get lights.

How was Matt's race this weekend?






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"Getting Chicked"

November 4, 2013


Don't be a dick. That's all. Listen for the rest.


Oh, and Kenny foreshadows some future Poo Pourri discussion....yikes.



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Send Us To Races

October 28, 2013


Steerer tube extensions, getting the crew to races, Yelli Screamy's, and Matt is in a surly mood...again.


What do you think about night riding? What do you think about Garmin touchscreens?

Please listen.



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