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"Just Riding Along," with Andrea, Full Face Kenny, and Pool Boy Matt is bike talk from educated and experienced bike mechanics. While it's based on mechanic talk, don't expect it to be kid-friendly, bland discussion about technical specifications.  Listeners are encouraged to email to say "hey," ask questions about their old junker, new parts, Craigslist bike deal, or just talk about beer. 


Each episode, they answer emails from listeners. It's easy, free, and you get your questions answered on air - just send a detailed email to info@mountainbikeradio.com and listen for your email to be answered on air. 



Double Episode - Old School & Matt Ditches

You're lucky! Two shows in a row with a double dose of Just Riding Along. This time, listeners go back in time in the first episode and then get a lot of brake talk in the second.

Double Dose

August 20, 2015


There has been a lot going on in the world of Just Riding Along and they've recorded a ton of good stuff. You benefit from all this work because you get two episodes of JRA.

2015 Breck Epic

August 9-14, 2015


The 2015 Breck Epic is in full swing in the middle of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Andrea is racing and Matt did some reporting. Listen in below for several interviews during the 6-stage race.

Kenny Made It!

August 4, 2015


JRA is back together in the same recording location. Kenny has traveled to Colorado and they have been having a good time. They take some time to catch up on what they've been doing since Kenny arrived and then take on some listener questions.


July 28, 2015


They don't have any guests this week....but they get into several listener questions, Matt rants about high drivers and customers, and you get a dropper post discussion. Matt thinks he's going to be a podcast rockstar.

Steve Domahidy

July 22, 2015


Special guest, Steve Domahidy, joins the crew in house and brings a great mix of knowledge and goofiness. Steve was a co-founder of Niner Bikes and is the owner of his own brand, Domahidy Designs. Domahidy is a boutique bicycle company making titanium and steel mountain bikes and carbon road bikes. Listen in as Andrea, Kenny, and Matt answer listener questions, ask Steve questions, and generally just hang out.

Amanda Batty

July 15, 2015


Amanda Batty joins the show to chat along with Andrea, Matt, and Kenny. It's a conversation full of many topics, interview questions, opinions, and f-bombs. E-bikes even sneak their way into this episode too and you can guess how that goes.

It's All About The Matt

July 8, 2015


Matt takes over the episode and you hear him talking about everything he has going...blah, blah, blah. If you're not sure, Matt purchased a new bike. Kenny loves the new Cannondale Slate.

Grease Nipples

July 2, 2015


The JRA gang gets back after a little time off. They dig right into the questions before Matt cries himself to sleep about going off course during his latest race in Winter Park. Andrea won in Winter Park and Kenny descends Clingman's Dome very quickly. Matt plays extra special Debbie-downer in this episode.


June 17, 2015


Matt is drooling over his new Pike. Listen to hear about Matt's new Pike fork and some good upgrades to do to a listeners Cannondale Trigger. Do you pee all over the toilet and floor?


June 9, 2015


It's very safe to say that Matt doesn't like your wheels. Plus, a good discussion about retail practices in the bike world. Kenny definitely puts an end to the show this week too. If you've been jonesing for a Matt rant, you should listen.

Chicken Nuggets Ticker

June 2, 2015


Matt tests out a 2016 Stumpjumper FSR Expert 29. Kenny vs. Tornadoes. Andrea goes to Moab....again.


May 27, 2015


Matt and Andrea get you a quickie episode. Moab is the new Syllamo indeed. There is stuff in this episode and you should listen.


May 18, 2015


Andrea, Matt, and Kenny crank out a huge episode. Catching up, questions, technical issues, Matt complaining, and all the usual complaining and bantering fill up your ears.

Special Episode - Scott Enduro Cup

May 12, 2015


Andrea brings you a special in-between episode of JRA. She's on location at the Scott Enduro Cup in Moab, Utah. After a successful race (Andrea finished 2nd in the Expert Women 30+ by seconds), she chats with the Pro Women's winner, Katie Compton (who raced on a Trek Superfly 100), Pro Women's 5th place finisher, Syd Schulz, and Pro Men's winner, Macky Franklin. She wraps up the special episode with Expert Women's winner, Gina Jane, and Amateur winner, Zephyr Sylvester.

Mayo & Swiss Rolls

May 6, 2015


"Do you know what I would do if someone dropped me off at 38 mph? I'd promptly do 37 mph." - Kenny


Matt gets rowdy on the Colorado Front Range. The gang catches up on the latest happenings and takes a break on questions. Listen in as they discuss latest rides and a bunch of other random nuggets.

Moab is the new Syllamo

April 28, 2015


Your place to learn about stairs, Moab, and plus-size bikes, and hear screaming teenagers.


April 16, 2015


Matt and Andrea are quickly realizing that Colorado is all uphill. Kenny is still on flat land. They spend half of the show talking about road bikes, cars, and some other things and a little bit about some gearing options. The gang does answer two listener questions - one about 3" wide tires and the other about bike options similar to a Santa Cruz 5010. Bonus: Matt meets nice older ladies.

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Special Guest

April 9, 2015


The Just Riding Along times are-a-changing. Matt is headed to the Wild West, Andrea is still kicking up in the mountains at 92Fifty, and Kenny is doing his thing. This episode, the guys are joined by a guest - long-time listener, Adam. Adam lives his lifetime dream of being on Just Riding Along. They do the usual - catch up on recent happenings, answer questions, and discuss whatever. 

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April 3, 2015


In this episode, Andrea, Kenny, and Matt get caught up after a week off of the regular show, including a discussion about Andrea's trip with 92Fifty to Moab, Matt chats about his team win at a local 6 hour race, and Kenny is still just trucking along. Before hitting up several listener questions, Kenny and Andrea take the show over with 1x discussion. The longest show yet.

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Land Run 100 Special

March 31, 2015


Matt and Andrea traveled to the Land Run 100 on March 14th in Stillwater, Oklahoma and enjoyed a great experience. They were able to talk with two of the Land Run's directors, Bobby Wintle and Jim Brewer, race winner Bryce Hylton, 4th place finisher Nate Beams, fixed gear finisher Thomas Adams, and last place finisher Griffin Radford.  

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Pretty Hands

March 18, 2015


The longest episode yet! Learn why Kenny wears a full face helmet. You'll also get information about seatpost clamping and keeping them from slipping both at the saddle clamp and the frame. Plus, listen to thoughts about full face helmets and helmets in general. If you are looking for discussions about wheels again, you should go find another podcast. 

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Take Two

March 11, 2015


This is a wheel-filled show. Listen in as Andrea, Matt, and Kenny dissect wheels, spoke count vs. rim material, brands, tires, and basically anything you need to know. If you have any questions about your next wheel purchase, you may want to check this out. 

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McNugget Bandelero

March 4, 2015


Kenny puked in his full face helmet once.

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Penetration Units

March 1, 2015


Indy is on anaesthesia and wanders off, so he's joining the show. Since the weather has been craptastic so they've been laying low. Lucky for you, they spend nearly the entire episode answering listener questions. If you're wondering about their opinions about electronic controls, bike replacements, and more, listen in. If not, they'll probably have an opinion of where you can go...

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February 18, 2015


You're going to listen to this even without a description. Go check out #onelessarmadillo on Instagram and Twitter while you check out this episode. That's all.

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February 11, 2015


You're used to hearing the crew catch up on what's been going on and then giving in depth answers to listeners emails, right? Well, this week is no different. Listen in as they discuss more old, worn out bikes and parts. Kenny questions whether several states are actually part of the US and enlightens the crew on the great Minnesota Purchase.

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Dog Pee

February 4, 2015


Kenny starts the show off drooling over his 1300-something gram Nox Composites/Industry Nine wheelset and drooling some more over his lovely bike. Matt gives you way more thoughts about the TRP Spyke brakes that he's been testing than you can possibly process. Plus, you get another listener question about a worn out, old bike.

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Knuckle Deep

January 27, 2015


The crew hasn't been up to much, so they spend most of the episode discussing listener questions. First they tackle Joe's question about bringing his 1998 Specialized FSR Ground Control up to date. Then they discuss dropper posts to answer Bill's question about putting a dropper post on his Revelation-equipped 2014 Trek Superfly.

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My Junk on Your Wheels

January 21, 2015


Trail work, bad forks, chains, tater tots, and more. That's all you need to know. Want more? Listen. 

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Shit Just Got Real

January 14, 2015


"I'm not that picky about my bikes" - Matt. The JRA crew discusses riding in cold, puke and digestion issues while riding a training, 27.5+/29+, axle standards, posting on the internet, Russian dash cams, and more in between.

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