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"Just Riding Along," with Andrea, Full Face Kenny, and Pool Boy Matt is bike talk from educated and experienced bike mechanics. While it's based on mechanic talk, don't expect it to be kid-friendly, bland discussion about technical specifications.  Listeners are encouraged to email to say "hey," ask questions about their old junker, new parts, Craigslist bike deal, or just talk about beer. 




Each episode, they answer emails from listeners a choose one winner. Winners receive either a MBR sticker pack or something from a email segment sponsor. It's easy, free, and you get your questions answered on air - just send a detailed email to info@mountainbikeradio.com and listen for your email to be answered on air. 



Land Run 100 Special

March 31, 2015


Matt and Andrea traveled to the Land Run 100 on March 14th in Stillwater, Oklahoma and enjoyed a great experience. They were able to talk with two of the Land Run's directors, Bobby Wintle and Jim Brewer, race winner Bryce Hylton, 4th place finisher Nate Beams, fixed gear finisher Thomas Adams, and last place finisher Griffin Radford.  

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Pretty Hands

March 18, 2015


The longest episode yet! Learn why Kenny wears a full face helmet. You'll also get information about seatpost clamping and keeping them from slipping both at the saddle clamp and the frame. Plus, listen to thoughts about full face helmets and helmets in general. If you are looking for discussions about wheels again, you should go find another podcast. 

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Take Two

March 11, 2015


This is a wheel-filled show. Listen in as Andrea, Matt, and Kenny dissect wheels, spoke count vs. rim material, brands, tires, and basically anything you need to know. If you have any questions about your next wheel purchase, you may want to check this out. 

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McNugget Bandelero

March 4, 2015


Kenny puked in his full face helmet once.

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Penetration Units

March 1, 2015


Indy is on anaesthesia and wanders off, so he's joining the show. Since the weather has been craptastic so they've been laying low. Lucky for you, they spend nearly the entire episode answering listener questions. If you're wondering about their opinions about electronic controls, bike replacements, and more, listen in. If not, they'll probably have an opinion of where you can go...

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February 18, 2015


You're going to listen to this even without a description. Go check out #onelessarmadillo on Instagram and Twitter while you check out this episode. That's all.

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February 11, 2015


You're used to hearing the crew catch up on what's been going on and then giving in depth answers to listeners emails, right? Well, this week is no different. Listen in as they discuss more old, worn out bikes and parts. Kenny questions whether several states are actually part of the US and enlightens the crew on the great Minnesota Purchase.

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Dog Pee

February 4, 2015


Kenny starts the show off drooling over his 1300-something gram Nox Composites/Industry Nine wheelset and drooling some more over his lovely bike. Matt gives you way more thoughts about the TRP Spyke brakes that he's been testing than you can possibly process. Plus, you get another listener question about a worn out, old bike.

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Knuckle Deep

January 27, 2015


The crew hasn't been up to much, so they spend most of the episode discussing listener questions. First they tackle Joe's question about bringing his 1998 Specialized FSR Ground Control up to date. Then they discuss dropper posts to answer Bill's question about putting a dropper post on his Revelation-equipped 2014 Trek Superfly.

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My Junk on Your Wheels

January 21, 2015


Trail work, bad forks, chains, tater tots, and more. That's all you need to know. Want more? Listen. 

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Shit Just Got Real

January 14, 2015


"I'm not that picky about my bikes" - Matt. The JRA crew discusses riding in cold, puke and digestion issues while riding a training, 27.5+/29+, axle standards, posting on the internet, Russian dash cams, and more in between.

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Super-D Soapbox

January 6, 2015


Matt breaks out in tears after he gets word that his helicopter will be arriving late. The gang chats about dirtbikes and atvs. Andrea gets on her soapbox about a mountain biker suing a race director over a dangerous section of a super-D course. Listener questions and plenty more in between.

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Behind the Scenes

December 25, 2014


Matt and Andrea take on this episode while Kenny is away in an unknown location. Matt gets a big surprise. They are also joined by Ben, the creator of Mountain Bike Radio, and they discuss a lot of the behind the scenes of the show. Listen in if you want to hear Matt and Andrea's thoughts about doing the podcast, what they've learned, and some of their favorite parts of the show. 

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Sex on Rails

December 17, 2014


Andrea, Matt, and Kenny continue on with another information-packed episode. What can you expect in this episode? Drunken nakedness. Well, not really, but you get to hear the weird things Matt thinks about in the shower. Also, hear about what's up with Andrea's poor dog. Kenny admits to being a loose cannon and discusses his special Kenny-hacking ways with his hubs and wheels - did you know a hub pawl weighs 1 gram?

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Petting Dogs

December 9, 2014


One of the best Just Riding Along episodes the crew has done. It involves plenty of Makers Mark. Listen to hear what happens. Brought to you by whisky.

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BMX Whips, Road Bike Tricks, and Baggies

December 3, 2014


The JRA gang continues to bring the great shows. In this episode they discuss BMX, what they think of the current trend of road bike tricks, cranksets, mud at Dirt, Sweat, and Gears, how drunk and beat up Matt got, and Andrea asks about baggies. 

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Choco Taco

November 25, 2014


Matt starts off the episode with some good energy and carries it into his first rant in a while. It's a good rant about a certain power meter brand (listen to find out which brand). They chat about listener questions and some more good stuff. 

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Email Central

November 18, 2014


This episode is filled with helpful information. Kenny leads off with a chat about his new wheel setup and then they dig in with several listeners questions. Matt gives good shoe info and leaves you with some thoughts on what hasn't worked for him. That's all folks.

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Fries and Mayo

November 12, 2014


Andrea and Matt tackle this episode themselves. Matt almost breaks out in tears as he recounts his love-hate relationship with cyclocross and relives his frame break from this weekend and Andrea chats about the DirtSmart MTB clinic she took this past weekend. Plenty of listener questions this week too!

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Intensive Purposes

November 4, 2014


Andrea discusses running, they chat about some more cyclocross racing, and then get into a good discussion about wheel/rim options when responding to a listener email. If you've been thinking about your wheel selection for next year and deciding whether you should go alloy or carbon and what are your alloy options. You also get some bonus bottom bracket talk at the end of the show.

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Wear Your Gloves

October 28, 2014


And another episode of JRA is in the books.... Matt starts out with a discussion about how hard cyclocross is, Andrea shares her experience of learning how to wheelie, and then it's into good discussion. Plus, when to pee your pants and what's up with the Syllamo trails. Add in the segments and it's your show, so listen. 

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Is There a Value to a McNugget?

October 22, 2014


Kenny makes questionable decisions, Matt keeps the 29+ discussion front and center, and the gang runs through this week's segments. You know that you really want to listen. If not, we're begging you.  

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Lula Lake Land Trust 5-Points 50

October 15, 2014


In this special on-site episode, Andrea catches up with Trisha Mims from the Lula Lake Land Trust, Michael Long, race director for SORBA Chattanooga, open winners Thomas Turner and Lisa Randall, and singlespeed 1st and 2nd place finishers, Gordon Wadsworth, Randy Kerr.

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October 14, 2014


This episode brings listeners another great, full show with discussion about everything from recommended cyclocross tires to carbon rims to Fox forks to more blabber from Matt about fatbikes, plus more. They start up a new show outline to bring their usual bike talk in a little more organized format. 

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Matt Wants to Ride a 29+

October 7, 2014


This episode is great...but only if you like discussion about bikes, components, 1x10, 1x11, 29+, and other bike stuff. Andrea kicks off the show by talking about her successful adventure race this past weekend in Maryland and then they launch into a full discussion about 29+ and a list of bike topics.

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It's Enduro, Bro

September 30, 2014


It was a long week at the Pisgah Stage Race and Matt is tired. In this episode, Kenny, Andrea, and Matt get caught up on some recent enduro racing, discuss a good listener's question, and discuss a common topic on MTBR.

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Pisgah Stage Race

September 23-27, 2014


Matt tackles the very challenging 2014 Pisgah Stage Race, which boasts 140 miles and 20,000+ feet of climbing in 5 stages in the Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina. Andrea is also along during the week for support. Listen in below for Matt's check in after each stage.

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Kenny is Creeped the F Out

September 15, 2014


Welcome back to a regular start of the week episode! It's a great episode! Why should you use tubeless setups? Power meters for carbon cranksets? Why would you drop at 70 miles into a 100-miler? Pisgah Stage Race? Arkansas Enduro? Hell yeah. It's all here and more.

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Fun Hurts

September 12, 2014


Matt and Andrea check in for a special mid-week episode. Andrea is back from her trip to Colorado and discusses the monster that is the Vapor Trail 125. They also answer a listener question, chat about Matt's upcoming race at the Pisgah Stage Race, and more.

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E - pisode

August 19, 2014


Wow. The e-bike discussion continues to heat up. In this episode, the crew discusses listener comments about last week's e-bike rant. Then they respond to listener questions about bike and component upgrading and handlebars for long gravel races. 

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Challenge and Change

August 12, 2014


Matt kicks in a rant about the use of e-bikes on mountain bike trails to start the show. It's a great point about the possibility of ruining access for all mountain bikers....that discussion is sure to be continued. The crew also discusses listener questions, including the bike to buy on a budget, and much more!


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August 4, 2014


This episode is another list-filled show sure to inform and entertain you. The gang covers a good range of new topics - road racing, Ikon vs. Ardent Race, riding with a new rider, a little bit of World Cup and plenty more. And....let's get Matt a full suspension 29er to race soon! Have a listen. Now. 


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Giant Show

July 28, 2014


Andrea and Matt tear it up in this episode with endless answers to great listener questions. What carbon wheels? Should you run a dropper post? Where do they stand on the new Salsa Spearfish? New Wolf Tooth Components color? What about the RockShox RS-1? Should you race a shitty bike?

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Da U.P.

July 21, 2014


After a week off, Andrea, Matt, and Kenny are back with a full episode, complete with discussions about recent trips, recent rides, tech, bikes, goods, and more. Matt has a couple small rants, Kenny is his usual self, and Andrea isn't crabby like when she was cutting weight for a fight.

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Matt Does Colorado

July 7, 2014


Matt shares stories about his recent trip to Colorado. He had the opportunity to demo some really sweet bikes, including a Borealis Echo with XX1, 29+ wheels, and a Bluto fork, as well as a Pivot Mach 6 with 27.5 wheels while he was at 92Fifty Cyclery. The crew also discusses some thoughts on being a sponsored rider.

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How Women Get Shafted

June 24, 2014


In this episode, Andrea points out a disturbing trend she noticed at the Mulberry Gap Women's Weekend - women seem to be riding bikes that have majoy issues, while, knowlingly, their husband/boyfriends do nothing about it. Also, the debate rages on about pressfit bottom brackets and more.

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Standard Show

June 16, 2014


In this episode of Just Riding Along, the crew discuss different and new "standards," including the new Trek Boost 148 hub and the Cannondale F-Si. Matt starts a rant, but Kenny cools him off while being devil's advocate. Andrea jumps in with a rant of her own. 

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Is This Thing On?

June 9, 2014


Andrea's legs are swollen. Listeners gears are grinding away their 1x11 setups. Will gels actually kill you? What the hell are in those gravity riders' backpacks?

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Dirty Kanza Win and More

June 3, 2014


Andrea discusses her successful Dirty Kanza 200 race this past weekend. Finishing 1st in the 39year old and under and 3rd overall, helping an injured riders, and fighting through some real heat issues, she has some good stories. Listen in to hear all about the course, the experience, the people, the tires, and more.

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Full Show and Watermelon

May 27, 2014


If you want to hear discussion about J.Paks Adventure Cycling Frame Bags, Talas, chainrings, Nino Schurter's World Cup bike, the Training Mask, and more. Andrea even talks about her intentions for getting into the ring. It's good....trust us.

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Cereal and Syllamos

May 19, 2014


This is a show full of race reporting from Matt and Kenny's race this weekend at Syllamo's Revenge. You'll hear everything from little details about the trail, technique, and clearing muddy hills, to what you should know about cleaning up after a muddy race.

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Meatloaf and Tires

May 12, 2014


This show is filled with a lot of tire talk. Ardents, is bigger better, and is there a place for midsized tires for road, dirt, and trails. Plus, the usual banter and Matt's f-bombs.

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May 5, 2014


Matt spends a good chunk of the episode drooling over his new Nox Composites wheels. If you think he's just kissing up to Nox, you haven't listened to the show.

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Andrea Discusses Her OGRE 150 Win and More

April 28, 2014


Andrea discusses her winning ride at the OGRE 150 gravel grinder in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri and then they discuss bad drivers.

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