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May 2, 2014


JP LaMere joins the show to discuss LaMere Cycles. LaMere is Minneapolis, Minnesota based company that is only a few years old. They jumped on to the scene this past winter with the release of their own carbon fatbike. LaMere Cycles specializes in offering customers bikes at the best possible price and lowest weight with the exact components and wheelsets they would personally want to ride.


JP discusses his interesting career history and shares his loves for bikes and LaMere Cycles. It's a great discussion in which he is very honest about what his business is about and where he wants it to be. You get a great idea of who you're doing business with.


Additionally, he discusses what it's like to deal with competition that isn't always fond of companies dealing direct with customers. Tired of seeing $10,000 bikes? The industry is changing and JP shares his thoughts.


He also makes mention of the sub-19 pound fatbike they have being built up currently!


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