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Guitar Ted joins Mountain Bike Radio to offer a biweekly show about whatever is happening-news, reviews, maybe even other guests. He brings a wealth of knowledge and industry experience and can express his thoughts well to all of us everyday riders. You can check out his frequent writings on any of his websites:


Here's a little bit about GT from


"Guitar Ted is a native of Iowa, and still meanders in “fly-over” country. He was roped into writing about 29″ers back in 2005 for various websites and ended up here, finally becoming the Editor of TNI in 2008.


Guitar Ted goes about 230lbs these days and is 6″1″ tall. He has been big wheeling since 2003 and mountain biking since 1989 on a proper mountain bike. Before that he just rode any ol’ bike off road he could get his hands on. These days he also has a penchant for riding gravel roads, and has put on the Trans Iowa endurance gravel road race since 2005, along with other shorter fun rides. Guitar Ted also works at a local bike shop as a mechanic with over 13 years experience in retail bicycle shops. Oh, and by the way, he actually does play a mean guit-box!"


Interbike Discussed

September 28, 2013


Guitar Ted is back to discuss his experience at Interbike. This episode is all about the newest and hottest parts of the cycling world - gravel, fatbikes, and 27.5.


Listen in to hear what Guitar Ted has to share.  



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Interbike Preview

September 15, 2013


Guitar Ted checks in before heading out to Las Vegas for Interbike to give listeners an idea of what will be coming and what they can expect to see.


He also explains his latest post about "gravel grinders."


If you're interested in 27.5, gravel, or fatbikes, this one's for you.

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Catching Up - Tires, Eurobike, and The Filthy 50

August 28, 2013


It's been a while since the last episode of The Guitar Ted Show. Guitar Ted has been really busy keeping up with what's happening in the bike world and getting ready for a full on assault from Eurobike and Interbike.


The creator of The Filthy 50 also calls in to discuss the ride.


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Trans Iowa Roundtable Part 2

April 11, 2013


This is the second part of a the two-part Trans Iowa special. Guitar Ted and Tim Ek give some great information about gear - bikes, tires, and more.


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Trans Iowa Roundtable Part 1


April 3, 2013


The Guitar Ted Show is back with two-part Trans Iowa roundtable discussion. Ben Welnak is a Trans Iowa rookie and gets a lot of great information from Guitar Ted and experienced Trans Iowa racer, Tim Ek.


Listen in if you are interested in endurance riding and racing, gravel riding, or just want to know what Trans Iowa is.


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More Trans Iowa - December 20, 2012

Guitar Ted continues the Trans Iowa discussion - more details, more discussion, and updates.


You get a bonus... Trans Iowa veteran, Tim Ek, calls in unexpectedly and shares his great experiences.


If you're into Trans Iowa or gravel grinders in general, this is a must listen!


Listen in here:

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Trans Iowa Talk - December 6, 2012

In this episode of The Guitar Ted Show, it's all Trans Iowa. Race veterans, Matt Gersib and Steve Fuller join the show to share their perspectives and experiences.


This is a great listen if you want to know the history of Trans Iowa and what's the race is all about.


Listen to the show here:

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Guitar Ted mentioned information about the "300 Miles of Gravel," the movie about Trans Iowa. Here is the current information:


"..... a lot of questions regarding the way you can obtain the T.I.V7 documentary, "300 Miles Of Gravel". He has indicated to me that if you contact him via his e-mail ( ) he will sell you a copy. Also- He hopes to have the film available via soon. Finally- There is a possibility that the film will air via Iowa Public Television during, or round about the time that T.I.V9 happens. (More on that as I get it.)"

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2013 Fat Bike Winter Summit and Festival - November 15, 2012

2nd Annual Fatbike Winter Summit - January 25-27, 2013


Jay Petervary and Scott Fitzgerald joined the show to discuss the 2nd annual Fatbike Winter Summit and Festival that is January 25-27, 2013 in Island Park, Idaho.


The guys discuss the history of the event and give listeners an idea of what to expect at the event - demos, riding, racing, learning, food, beer, fun, and a lot more. Think of it as a fatbike oasis in a long cold winter.


A large part of the discussion focused on the user issues that have come about with the popularity of fatbikes in Yellowstone and the rest of the country.


Listen in to the show here to here some very experienced fatbikers discuss some great fatbike topics:


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Electronics and Disc Brakes - October 24, 2012

Guitar Ted discusses disc brakes for gravel and cyclocross bikes, electronic shock controls, and some gravel grinder information.


Listen in to the show here:


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Fatbikes - October 10, 2012

In this episode, we discuss fatbikes and a little bit of doping.

Listen in to the full show here:


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2012 Interbike Review - September 26, 2012

This show we discuss Interbike. Guitar Ted recently checked out the Outdoor Demo and Interbike in Las Vegas and recaps what he found to be the hot items. We hit on the new 27.5 inch (or 650b if you like...), fatbikes, and more.


Listen to the show here:


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